Week 13 was a wild one and we saw road teams continue to have a strong season. Detroit had a 21 point come back in the second half against the Bears as they returned the favor from a Chicago comeback earlier this season. The Browns scored 38 points in the first half against Tennessee, and both the Vikings and Raiders had to mount comebacks against the two teams with the worst record. The biggest shock of the week was the Giants beating Seattle on the road and Washington doing the same last night. Week 14 has a few touchdown favorites but for the most part it is going to be in the up in the air week.




Patriots at Rams

Rams -5


Packers at Lions

Packers -7.5


Titans at Jaguars

Jaguars +7.5


Cowboys at Bengals

Cowboys -3.5


Cardinals at Giants

Cardinals -2.5


Texans at Bears

Texans -1


Broncos at Panthers

Panthers -3.5


Vikings at Buccaneers

Buccaneers -6.5


Chiefs at Dolphins

Chiefs -7


Colts at Raiders

Colts -2.5


Jets at Seahawks

Seahawks -13.5


Falcons at Chargers

Falcons -2.5


Saints at Eagles

Saints -7


Washington at 49ers

49ers -3.5


Steelers at Bills

Bills -1.5


Ravens at Browns

Ravens -1.5



This is a pretty sharp line as the Rams are clearly the better team and can grab a hold of this game and control it. But Jared Goff and the inconsistencies of this Rams bunch can make you think twice about a five point spread compared to 2-3. I would expect a run-heavy approach to both sides and the Patriots run defense is not a good one. Los Angeles has a strong secondary that is no match for this Patriots passing attack. The talent is too much of a gap in this one, Rams should take this game by a touchdown.


Houston's offense looked good enough against the Colts while the Bears defense completely folded. You might wonder if they have given up on the season after now losing so many in a row. Houston is favored solely off quarterback play there isn't any other reason. However, Trubisky looked pretty good this past week and the Texans defense is not far behind the Lions for being the worst in the league. Neither team are a comfortable bet but I do like the over.


As bad as Dallas is this season, Cincinnati is worse. Without Joe Burrow the Bengals do not have any shot to move the ball. Dallas has just enough to get by this week and this is an important game for Dallas as they are still in contention. The Cowboys are not big enough favorites to scare me away. Andy Dalton is capable of leading them to a win this week and the defense will have a get right game.


The Chiefs are coming off a conservative performance against the Broncos and will face a Miami team that has been in good form. If the Dolphins defense folds in this one, there is going to be a major issue with Tua under center. I don't find him to be the guy who can move the ball in large chunks, which could be needed against this Chiefs team. Kansas City is still one of the top teams at covering the spread. That should be the case as the superior team this week.


New York is now 5-7 and in a spot competing for the NFC East, while Arizona continues to spiral downwards. The real issue right now is Kyler Murray is clearly dealing with an injury and isn't running as much. The Cardinals offense has become a bit stagnant with that happening. This is going to be another test for the Cardinals as the Giants will play a similar grind it out style. With both offenses in the shape that they are in and two defenses capable of providing a stalemate, I will take the under.


Minnesota has struggled against below average teams this season but have come away with a few wins of late. They are still in the playoff hunt and now this is a bigger game than expected from a few weeks ago. Tampa has been struggling as well but the trend has been against teams with plus defenses who can force pressure. That is not Minnesota. The WR/CB mismatches are there in favor of Tampa.


This feels like one of those games you gloss over because you don't even want to try to make sense of because of the matchup. We have covid players on the Carolina side and Denver has been a mess most weeks with how they play. Carolina may or may not have Christian McCaffrey back. Line is up only a few places right now and on a 16 game slate, I will avoid this one.


After the Titans got destroyed against the Browns, this sets up to be an easy bounce back game for the Titans. No surprise to see them have a large spread. Derrick Henry should have a field day against this run defense. Tennessee's defense certainly isn't a good one but Jacksonville's offense is essentially just James Robinson. I got the Titans bouncing back this week and crushing the Jaguars.


Las Vegas has not looked good the last two weeks as they nearly lost to the Jets and really should have. They will face a playoff race team at home as they get Indy. Josh Jacobs is questionable again and that has been a real concern. Indianapolis is going to need to get a better game out of their defense than the last few weeks but I do expect them to move the ball against this Raiders defense. At three points for the spread, the Colts make sense here to go in and play a tight game with their committee of backs.


The Jets have been hanging around the last few weeks and covering some spreads. They have a two-touchdown spread this week against the Seahawks. Seattle has not been playing well but this is still a major mismatch. Chris Carson should be a featured option for the Seahawks this week and the duo of wide receivers should have their way as well. However, the way double-digit or larger favorites have gone down this season, I don't feel great about it given the Jets just feel like they have a backdoor cover in them this week.


Green Bay is on pace finish the season strong as they have a very good schedule to get them to 13 wins and potentially a bye if the cards fall in their way. They are large favorites on the road against Detroit. This Lions defense is abysmal and Aaron Rodgers should hang a crooked number on them. Davante Adams and Aaron Jones are a major mismatch for a unit that is struggling. The over and the Packers spread is the play here.


Jalen Hurts is making his debut this week as a starter. It is a tough task against a Saints defense that has been playing very well over the second half of the season. They have a good pass rush that can take advantage of this Eagles offensive line. That is my major concern but there are certainly chances for the Eagles to have a spark with the change and shock some people. That likely won't be the case though as the Saints are in strong form and do not want to let a bye week slip up.


This is a really intriguing game as both offenses are coming off Week 13 clunkers and both defenses are not in great shape to stop the pass. This is a high total game where I like the over, and I like the Chargers to bounce back offensively in a major way. Both of these teams have struggled to close out games, so naturally this one probably ends in a late tie. Matt Ryan has really taken a step back over the last few weeks. While the Falcons are favored, I like the Chargers to pull off the win with an offense that is actually moving the ball (minus last week).


Two 5-7 teams line up this week and Washington's division chances would be greatly enhanced. San Francisco has battled injuries all season long but the coaching staff and playmakers they do have still make them a competent bunch. Washington could be without Antonio Gibson and that is a major issue. San Francisco jumps out as favorites, and I do like them to bounce back this week. Washington's defense is solid but offensively I don't trust them to be able to hang with SF this week.


Pittsburgh got their loss out of the way and this would have been an intriguing line if they stayed undefeated. Many view them as overrated and the Bills I would actually call underrated. They are a hail mary from being 10-2 this season and offensively Josh Allen has been locked in. They can run the ball with two backs and the Steelers have shown some cracks with their defensive injuries and now the short passing game of Big Ben that is ultimately all they have. The Bills will take care of business.


Cleveland is coming off a monster win and I am writing this prior to Baltimore but they are one point favorites on the road. Cleveland's defense is banged up in the secondary and overall they have struggled against the run. This is trouble against Baltimore who can run the ball in various ways and with multiple players. The Ravens desperately need a win this week and the end of the year schedule sets up for them to make a playoff push.

NFL Week 14 FAQ

How Can I Bet On Football?

If you are a resident within one of these states: NY, NJ, PA, NH, PA, RI, WV, OR, IN, IA, NV, AR, DE, MS, NM, you can legally bet on the NFL. Sportsbooks are available, and some of them also offer mobile betting.

What Are Opening Lines?

Opening lines are the very first lines put out to the public by oddsmakers. They are put out early, and then adjustments will be made. Getting in on opening lines is where bettors can have an advantage before the lines change.

When Does Week 14 Start?

Week 14 starts on Thursday, December 10th. The schedule is back with some consistency as we get the Rams and Patriots playing on Thursday.

What Is A Game Total?

A total set for a game is the set number. You can bet the over or under on for total points. If a game is set at 54.5, you can bet either over or under the total combined points between the two teams.

Why Do Lines Change?

Lines can change for various reasons. If there is an injury leading up to the game that has a major effect on the potential outcome, the line will adjust based on the news. Weather is another reason why it can change.

Who Is The Biggest Favorite Of Week 14?

The Seahawks are -13.5 favorites against the Jets this week. Seattle struggled against the Giants but Vegas views them as a major rebound team this week. Makes sense with the winless Jets treading for a first overall pick.

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