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NBA Daily Fantasy Basketball Lineup Advice 12/26/16

Take your daily fantasy game to the next level.
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10 months ago

Fanduel Cash 50/50. Let me know what you think. Thanks!

PG: Jrue Holiday $7,100

PG: Mike Conley $7,000

SG: Eric Gordon $5,700

SG: Devin Booker $6,200

SF: Harrison Barnes $6,500

SF: Andrew Wiggins $6,200

PF: Jabari Parker $6,900

PF: Paul Milsap $8,200

C: Myles Turner $6,200

10 months ago


PG R. Felton $3,600

SG D. Booker $6,700

SF K. Bazemore $5,200

PF P. Millsap $8,200

C M. Harrell $4,600

G J. Harden $11,900

F N. Mirotic $5,900

UTIL M. Gortat $5,800

10 months ago

@jask While I don't hate the lineup I think you could do a lot better at the small forward position by spending down for a number of the great value plays on the slate. That in turn would allow you to spend up for a stud player or two. I also am not a huge fan of Millsap in that match-up with Howard expected to be back.

@anthony I would fade Harden and Millsap on this slate. Harden is likely to see limited minutes in what should be a blowout and he really has not been paying off his price tag. There are three to four better studs on this slate imo. I also don't see the allure of Mirotic or Bazemore at their prices. There are way better options at their range or even cheaper

10 months ago

I only had Millsap in assuming Howard was out. What do you think about these changes with Dieng bouncing nacm

PG R. Felton $3,600

SG D Booker $6,700

SF J. Parker $6,900

PF M. Harrell $4,600

C M. Turner $6,400

G K. Lowry $8,300

F N. Batum $7,800

UTIL G. Dieng $5,700

10 months ago

@anthony I like that lineup better but I am not a huge fan of Dieng at the utilty spot. Some players in GPPs that I think have to be on your radar is a player like McCollum with Lillard likely out. I think putting him at Guard instead of Lowry and then upgrading Dieng is smart.

10 months ago

Pg - Giannis - 10300

Sg- Felton- 3600

Sf- Allen Crabbe --3600

Pf - M Harrell 4600

C - Books Lopez 6400

G John Wall -8800

F Thad young 5800

Util Jabari Parker 6900

Dk gpp

10 months ago

@nygiants I am not a fan of Crabbe at all even at his price tag. Also not a huge fan of Young though he has shown the ability to have some upside. I would most likely drop Wall down to a player like Batum or even Giannis down to Wall and then Wall to Batum and upgrade those two players

10 months ago

DK Cash-








Util-Plumlee (strongly considering Jackson thoughts?)

10 months ago

@torch for cash I would scrap almost that entire lineup. The only two safe plays you have are Giannis and Walker and Walker is a bit iffy with the possible blowout. You also never want to tie yourself so heavily to one team or game in cash games. I would look at the Cheat Sheets and two articles that were posted today as help for starting points.

10 months ago

Okay guys I am going to be out and about with some family obligations until about ten minutes until lock. I will try to get back on forums then but also will be updating my lineups. Good luck everyone.

10 months ago

Yikes, Guess I shouldn't tell you i've been building this lineup for hours now haha

10 months ago

@torch I will give you a great starting point for cash games on DK or even FD. Kyrie Irving with LeBron James out and Jamal Crawford with both Chris Paul and Blake Griffin out.

10 months ago

You the man!. I'll build around based off some of the value plays!

10 months ago








Deron Williams

=303 Points!! Thank you DFC Optimizer & @Zachzgotmoxy for helping me to my first time over 300!!!

10 months ago
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