NBA Lineup Advice Rules (Threads Will be Deleted if Not Followed)

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We are starting to get a good number of lineup review requests for the Cafe pros, which is great, but we want to keep them organized, so what we're going to do is have a Daily NBA Lineup Thread. We will create this thread every morning. All lineup review/breakdown requests for the day must be posted in this thread.

Here are the rules:

1. Maximum of 3 lineups per person for review. In other words, don't post 9 lineups and ask for the best one.

2. Post the Type of Game you are playing (GPP, 50/50, H2H), Post the DFS site you are you are playing on.

3. Ask a specific question you are contemplating regarding your lineup and give some background on your ideas.

4. For lineups, take a screenshot of the full lineup with salaries. Screenshots need to be easy to read and posted from top to bottom. No more wonky images where we have to stand on our head to read the image.

Don't post your lineups to this Thread. Post them in the Daily Thread.

8 years ago
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