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FanDuel Ownership % Rates NFL Week 7

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The ownership rates below are from the $1 buy-in Mini Dive GPP at FanDuel.


QB Opp Ownership % DK Salary FD Salary
Carson Palmer vs Ravens 17.9 $6,700 $8,200
Philip Rivers vs Raiders 14.9 $6,500 $8,000
Cam Newton vs Eagles 5.6 $6,600 $8,100
Tom Brady vs Jets 5.5 $8,500 $9,000
Andrew Luck vs Saints 4.4 $7,600 $8,900
Brian Hoyer @ Dolphins 4.1 $5,300 $6,900
Landry Jones @ Chiefs 3.5 $5,100 $6,000
Drew Brees @ Colts 2.8 $7,000 $8,400
Eli Manning vs Cowboys 2.1 $6,800 $7,800
Ryan Tannehill vs Texans 1.6 $5,700 $7,700

No shocker to see Carson Palmer and Philip Rivers soaking up such a large percentage of ownership. If anything, I would have guessed they'd be a bit higher owned. Both quarterbacks make for great plays this week. The duo of Andrew Luck and Brian Hoyer stand out as two of my favorite GPP picks. I already loved Luck as a swerve off of Palmer and Rivers, and this further fuels that love. A Hoyer/Hopkins stack remains incredibly enticing, too. Down at the bottom of the list, Ryan Tannehill makes for an intriguing option, namely on DraftKings, where he provides greater salary relief from the top plays.

Running Back

RB Opp Ownership% DK Salary FD Salary
Devonta Freeman @ Titans 44.6 $7,900 $8,700
Todd Gurley vs Browns 36.4 $5,000 $7,400
Doug Martin @ Redskins 12.6 $4,900 $7,200
Chris Ivory @ Patriots 11.3 $5,800 $7,800
Le'Veon Bell @ Chiefs 8.3 $8,400 $8,900
Latavius Murray @ Chargers 7.6 $6,100 $7,000
Lamar Miller Texans 6.5 $4,600 $6,700
LeGarrett Blount vs Jets 5.3 $4,800 $6,800
Frank Gore vs Saints 4.9 $4,900 $7,100
Mark Ingram @ Colts 4.6 $6,300 $7,600
Adrian Peterson @ Lions 3.5 $7,600 $8,900
Chris Johnson vs Ravens 2.8 $4,300 $6,900
Christine Michael @ Giants 2.5 $3,000 $5,600
Arian Foster @ Dolphins 2 $7,500 $8,600
DeMarco Murray @ Panthers 2 $6,400 $7,600
Jonathan Stewart vs Eagles 1.7 $4,000 $6,700
Dion Lewis vs Jets 1.6 $6,500 $7,000
Rashad Jennings vs Cowboys 1 $4,000 $6,300
Justin Forsett @ Cardinals 0.8 $6,100 $7,100
Shane Vereen vs Cowboys 0.3 $4,300 $5,600

The top two backs, Devonta Freeman and Todd Gurley, are exactly who most of us would have guessed would be leading the way in ownership. On DraftKings, I believe it's entirely possible that Gurley could surpass Freeman in ownership rate. I mean, my god, look at that price tag for him! Each will be staples in my lineups. Any lingering thoughts I had about potentially using Chris Ivory in GPPs dissipated after seeing his ownership rate. The spread presents a very real possibility that game flow will result in Ryan Fitzpatrick airing the ball out and the Jets playing catch up. Toss out the potential for a low ownership edge, and the juice doesn't seem to be worth the squeeze. Latavius Murray looks to be grossly under owned to me in a plus matchup against the Chargers. Ditto for Arian Foster, namely at DraftKings, where a full point is awarded per reception. Even if you triple his ownership accounting for the full point per reception, I still like Foster at DraftKings in GPPs. Christine Michael is over owned at FanDuel, and his ownership will be even higher at just $3,000 on DraftKings. I don't have a problem with firing a bullet or two on Michael as a flex at $3,000 on DraftKings, but don't go overboard. If you're looking for a contrarian pick with some upside, I'm inclined to roll the dice on either Rashad Jennings or Shane Vereen, namely at DraftKings, not so much at FanDuel. Both backs possess pass-catching skills, and the Cowboys have been giving to opposing backs on the ground and through the air.

Wide Receivers

WR Opp Ownership% DK FD
Larry Fitzgerald vs Ravens 29.8 $7,400 $7,800
DeAndre Hopkins @ Dolphins 24.9 $8,600 $9,200
Martavis Bryant @ Chiefs 23.7 $4,700 $6,900
John Brown vs Ravens 15 $5,500 $6,700
Donte Moncrief vs Saints 14.7 $5,200 $6,500
Stefon Diggs @ Lions 13.6 $4,200 $5,800
Julio Jones @ Titans 11.7 $9,100 $9,100
Travis Benjamin @ Rams 10.7 $5,400 $6,600
Julian Edelman vs Jets 10.2 $8,200 $8,000
Eric Decker @ Patriots 9.3 $5,300 $6,200
Jarvis Landry vs Texans 8.7 $6,200 $7,100
Brandon Marshall @ Patriots 8 $7,800 $8,200
Steve Smith @ Cardinals 7.8 $6,200 $6,900
Calvin Johnson vs Vikings 7.5 $7,700 $8,400
Amari Cooper @ Chargers 7 $6,500 $7,300
Willie Snead @ Colts 6.2 $4,300 $6,500
Antonio Brown @ Chiefs 5.3 $7,900 $8,300
Pierre Garcon vs Buccaneers 5 $5,000 $6,100
Mike Evans @ Redskins 3.9 $6,400 $7,500
Keenan Allen vs Raiders 3.7 $7,700 $8,100
Michael Crabtree @ Chargers 3.4 $4,300 $5,900
Odell Beckham Jr. vs Cowboys 3.1 $8,700 $9,000
Ted Ginn Jr. vs Eagles 2.8 $3,300 $5,300
Michael Floyd vs Ravens 2.7 $3,200 $4,900
Rishard Matthews vs Texans 2.7 $4,300 $6,400
Brandin Cooks @ Colts 2.6 $5,500 $6,700
Vincent Jackson @ Redskins 2.5 $5,300 $6,800
Golden Tate vs Vikings 1.8 $5,200 $6,700
Dorial Green-Beckham vs Dolphins 0.3 $3,200 $5,100

First, I'll address the elephant in the room. I made an error entering lineups and double entered Amari Cooper and missed entering T.Y. Hilton. I intend on reporting back with a Hilton ownership rate if (more like when), I locate one. Moving on, I'm shocked to see Martavis Bryant's ownership rate, and with a flex and a sizable salary discount on DraftKings, he could be even higher owned there. Gamers appear to be willing to take the discount to spin down from DeAndre Hopkins to Larry Fitzgerald. On rosters I only use one, I'll pay up for Hopkins. I do intend on entering rosters with both, namely Hoyer/Hopkins stacks since I'll be saving substantial cash with Hoyer as my signal caller. Fitz's teammate John Brown is also one of the higher owned receivers, and gamers clearly are well aware of how dreadful the Ravens pass defense has been. Seeing Michael Floyd check in with just a 2.7% ownership rate boosts his GPP appeal for me. With strong armed Zach Mettenberger likely winging the ball around this week, and Dorial Green-Beckham's playing time and usage trending upwards, I am tempted to fire a bullet or two on this talented matchup nightmare of a wide out. Travis Benjamin looks over owned to me. Also, the ownership rates of Eric Decker and teammate Brandon Marshall are fascinating. Decker is a tremendous bargain, but if you're looking for an edge, ponying up for Marshall could be just what you seek. A Keenan Allen stack with Rivers is the obvious pivot off of an Antonio Gates (spoiler, he's the highest owned tight end ... by a lot) and Rivers stack.

Tight End

TE Opp Ownership % DK Salary FD Salary
Antonio Gates vs Raiders 23 $5,000 $5,800
Greg Olsen vs Eagles 10.9 $6,100 $6,400
Rob Gronkowski vs Jets 5.8 $8,100 $8,100
Gary Barnidge @ Rams 5.4 $4,900 $5,900
Benjamin Watson @ Colts 4.9 $3,300 $5,300
Jason Witten @ Giants 4.9 $4,800 $5,600
Travis Kelce vs Steelers 4.6 $4,900 $6,000
Ladarius Green vs Raiders 3.4 $2,900 $5,100
Delanie Walker vs Falcons 3.2 $3,900 $5,500
Eric Ebron vs Vikings 0.2 $3,000 $5,100

The end of the receiver's write-up segues nicely to another pivot off of the incredibly popular Rivers/Antonio Gates stack, and that's Rivers/Ladarius Green. Green caught a touchdown pass last week, and he continues to see the field even with Gates back. In cash games, Gates is pretty close to a must use when factoring in upside, cost, floor and ownership rate. I was hopeful to see a lower ownership rate for Greg Olsen, because as Jason pointed out, he's an elite pivot. I'll go ahead an pass on Benjamin Watson. Last week's showing should prove to be an aberration, but that didn't prevent a number of gamers from chasing last week's points. Hopefully the good ol' "lemming boost" pays off for the faders. Any time you can get Rob Gronkowski at under 10% ownership, you have the potential for a HUGE edge. Add Brady/Gronk to the list of high ceiling, contrarian (feels crazy to say) stacks.


DEF Opp Ownership % DK Salary FD Salary
St. Louis Rams vs Browns 15.6 $2,400 $4,500
Carolina Panthers vs Eagles 8.9 $3,100 $4,800
Atlanta Falcons @ Titans 8.8 $3,300 $4,700
Arizona Cardinals vs Ravens 8.4 $3,600 $5,100
Pittsburgh Steelers @ Chiefs 5.2 $2,600 $4,600
Washington Redskins vs Buccaneers 4.9 $2,500 $4,400
Miami Dolphins vs Texans 3.3 $2,700 $4,500
New England Patriots vs Jets 2.1 $3,200 $4,700
New York Giants vs Cowboys 1.7 $2,800 $4,500
Minnesota Vikings @ Lions 1.6 $3,000 $4,600

The Rams lead the way in ownership, and that rate should jump above 20% at DraftKings. They're my favorite defense this week. The Panthers are a strong alternative, and predictably, gamers are flocking to them as well. The Vikings are an eye-opener at the bottom of the heap. No team has turned it over more than the Lions, but gamers seem to be scared off by their big showing against the craptastic Bears defense.

4 years ago

T.Y. Hilton 7.8%

4 years ago

Gates has missed the last two practices and is listed as doubtful.

4 years ago

Really shocked on Gates ownership level. I must look at different injury reports.

4 years ago

I saw him listed as questionable. If he is doubtful then hopefully some people miss it because if you want LD Green, he would free up a ton of salary. Not really many surprises here. As the season progresses it seems like more people are in tune with the chalk plays and what not. I feel like EVERYONE is going to use Carson Palmer in cash, which I may try to pivot off. Its going to be hard to do, and you might not get much in savings but if someone similarly priced does better it will give you a huge edge over a decent sample size of cash games. I also think Diggs is over owned here. I will still play him in a few lineups, but we have a very small sample size of his floor/ceiling, and Teddy B hasn't exactly been money. Peterson is probably going to be the focal point of the game plan, and he is underowned, due to Freeman stealing his appeal and Gurley's price. Freeman is SO hard to pivot off of, but if you do it and you are correct (same with Gurley) you will be in a great spot. I will probably do that in some limited fashion.

That game last night was brutal to watch. Russell Wilson is killing an otherwise great season-long team I have. I am actually considering picking up McCown or Cutler and starting them over him next week.

4 years ago

Diggs is way over owned with the news that he has been practicing as the 4th wide out this week.

4 years ago

Two questions based off of the posts:

Should I wait until Sunday to swap out Antonio Gates? If so who would be a good fill.

Diggs does seem over owned for a 4th wideout, but for 4,200-4,400 in some of my lineups should I put crabtree in some of the lineups instead of Diggs to try to keep up with the chargers?

4 years ago

You wait on Gates no doubt about that. He has the best match up possible. If he isn't able to go I am going with his teammate Green. Green was already in all my lineups as a value tight end but becomes a must start at his price. There are so many great wide outs this week but Crabtree is a name I am looking at. He has seen a bunch of targets and the Raiders coaches have been talking about getting him even more involved.

4 years ago

Yeah Diggs might be a scratch after reading that news. He shouldn't be above $3,000 if he is behind Mike Wallace (ugh) and Charles Johnson (ugh). Teddy B like I said before hasn't exactly been lighting it up either, which is disappointing because you would think teams keying in on Peterson would give him some better throwing situations on early downs, etc. We'll see, anything can happen in the NFL.

4 years ago

First of all, thanks for the Hilton ownership, Bobby_J. Way to pick me up! That's what these message boards are all about. As for Diggs, it seems like there's a lot of mixed signals. Yesterday, I read something indicating Mike Zimmer ducked a question about re-inserting Charles Johnson into the starting lineup in place of Diggs. I can't imagine Diggs will get buried, and I'd guess only Mike Wallace plays more snaps. That said, I do think he's over owned. The Gates injury is baffling. The initial reports I read indicated his sitting practice was likely maintenance for a veteran player and nothing to be concerned about. Any reports of him being doubtful would obviously cripple his value and (unfortunately) drive Green's ownership up. I was already loving Green as a pivot, but if Gates is out, I'm guessing he'll push Olsen for the chalk at TE.

4 years ago

NP Josh, glad to be a little help.

Apparently I read the bleacher report blurb which said "Chargers tight end Antonio Gates' status is in doubt for Sunday." not that he was doubtful. Sorry I must have caught that with the corner of my eye. Everything I'm seeing says questionable, that he's a game time decision. He didn't practice again today according to sb nation. I don't know I think even if he does start I might go Green. Green still sees snaps and if Gates goes down...I would imagine his ownership % skyrockets if Gates is out though.

4 years ago

I agree. If Gates sits, Green's ownership blows up. I've already pivoted to Green on a few teams and completely divested myself of Gates shares. I really hope his playing status isn't announced before the 1:00 PM games so that Green's ownership might avoid blowing up. I already loved him as a DK punt with upside, and any chance he gets a starter's workload against the Raiders is dreamy.

4 years ago

Wtf happened to DGB, did he get hurt?

4 years ago

He was on the field for 36 snaps, but he wasn't a big part of the game plan. I am as baffled as you are, Bobby_J

4 years ago

A Titans fan told me he felt he just didn't look ready. Said he only recalled DGB being targeted once and said he never even turned to look for the ball.

4 years ago
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