NFL Week 3: Lineup Advice Cash & GPP, (DraftKings, FanDuel, Yahoo)

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5 years ago

Jason, I know DK and FD are heavily covered but any advice for Yahoo this week? Any values or must plays on there? Kizer at $20 looks tempting for cash. Also for the main slate are the Broncos the best defense to pay up for?

5 years ago

Kizer is definitely intriguing at just $20, I don't mind spending up elsewhere and rolling Kizer. I like Pittsburgh a bit more than Denver, but certainly don't mind them. As long Jay Ajayi is healthy and good to go, $32 is going to be a plug and play for me. Same goes for Ty Montgomery at $25. C.J. Anderson is a workhorse for $24. I am looking to pay up mostly at RB this week, paying for Bell, Ajayi, Hunt. Elliot is a nice GPP play. A.J. Green against GB for $28 is a good spot. Eric Ebron $13 stands out quite a bit for value. Rashard Higgins, Jermaine Kearse, J.J. Nelson, Terrelle Pryor are all WRs I like below $20. If Danny Amendola is healthy this week, $16 is cheap for him in a good spot. Chris Hogan is same price, also needs to be kept tabs on.

We can certainly keep the convo rolling, those are just some guys to get the ball rolling for what I like this week.

5 years ago

Thanks for the info. I just noticed big time people like CONDIA and CSURam in the Yahoo DFS so I guess the edge playing Yahoo might be over, or maybe that is what CONDIA's wants

Personally I love Ajayi, Montgomery, and Anderson and I have been looking at Gilislee and Henry is Murray misses

I was on Denver all week but started to to get off of them since Yahoo ever $1 counts and landed on the Eagles at $17, is Pitts just in a better spot for $2 more.

TE has some great low priced guys ranging from $11-$17 I find myself landing on Zach Miller at $12 do to target/salary but Ebron at $13 and Cooks $14 seem like high upside plays. Doyle on the big site seems to be the chalk but is $17 too much?

For some reason my build keeps bringing me back to Hopkins at $20 due to his targets. Am I crazy to think NE won't just shut him down since he is Houston's only weapon? Also I keep coming to Alshon Jefferies w/ his targets and Wentz's tendency to just sling the ball, but the Giants are pretty tough and the Vegas total isn't high. However it does look like Jenkins will miss, if he does is Jefferies a good play? or third options is gambling on Cooks again $21 and hoping Brady finally targets him

or is it wiser to go for WR sub $20 like you mentioned.

5 years ago

As long as Brown is out Monday would you say this is viable for cash?

5 years ago

Hey Jason. Please tell me what you think of this lineup. From reading your first post above, I think you will like it. It is for a 7 man contest where the Top 2 win, which may mean that a more GPP approach should be taken? So not sure if I should make some adjustments to this one to differentiate a bit.

Thanks for your help!

5 years ago

@FatCat - I wouldn't worry about seeing the big names there, the Yahoo structure for multi-entry is built well, and overall build for players. But those lineups are certainly strong. I like the Core. I do prefer Cook and Ebron over Miller. Just much better passing games for those two. Steelers and Eagles are both my favorite defenses this week, and Hopkins is someone I am considering. Likely not in cash. NE is the type of team who will force others to beat them, so I believe they try and take Hopkins out. He is more of a tournament move. Alshon gets a bump if Jenkins is out, Cooks is one of my favorite tournament WRs this week. Houston's secondary is banged up, and people are off of Cooks. If he is your one contrarian guy in cash, I don't mind it.

@ChalupaBatman - In a 7-man you don't need to crazy different. I think the Carr-Cook combo will actually be lower owned. I like Hunt this week. I do think a majority will have Ajayi, so Hunt is that pivot, even though Ajayi is in a better spot. The three RBs give you a pretty strong floor and ceiling, and even though you are going cheap at WR, they will be primary guys this week. Tyrell Williams is the only one I am not in love with. Although he still carries upside. I like DeSean Jackson a little more. He gets Trae Waynes this week, who is one of the weaker corners. Allowed a big game to Bryant this past weekend.

5 years ago

Thanks Jason,With Bradford ruled out and Keenum in do you like the Bucs or Eagles as a $17 Defense and if your playing the Yahoo main slate S-M isn't Witten a smash of a play at $16? If Henry starts is the listed lineup w/ Rodgers worth it if I have to fade tier 1 RBs? Is Pryor way too cheap not to play in one of the highest totals? sorry for all the questions I am done lol

5 years ago

I still like the Eagles, just think there upside is higher at home with New York look the way they do. Witten is certainly in play, but at some point he is going come back down to earth. This is an offense that should get back to what they do best, which is ground and pound. $16 is a nice price, he is up there with the other few you have going. I like the Pryor upside for $18. Given the workload of all those RBs, I like it. Overall the core you have is nice, and the tweaks throughout the lineups are good ones! Haha, hey it's what I am here for.

5 years ago
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