Week 15: NFL Lineup Advice Cash & GPP, (DraftKings, FanDuel, Yahoo)

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Post your lineup and position questions in this thread for Week .

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There is a limit of three lineups per user. When posting your lineups but the salary of each player and game type. Also make sure you read the comments as your questions may have already been answered.

7 years ago

Just wondering if you can let me know your thoughts on how to fill out WR2 WR3 for FD cash

This is roughly what I have so far. Everyone is locked in besides WR2 WR3

My thoughts are: Emmanuel Sanders $6600, Tyrell Williams $6500, Tyreek Hill $6400, Julian Edelman $6400. Stefon Diggs $6300, Golden Tate $6100, Michael Crabtree $6000, Taylor Gabriel $5800 (if Jones sits)

Sanders against the Pats, splits not great? Is this point chasing? or is this great since him and DT are the only two passing options?Williams, so many "what ifs" week 14. No Gordon= more targets?

Hill so versatile and can put up points in many ways but lacks the targets. Too GPP?

Edelman no Gronk has equaled big time targets. But Denver no fly zone? Is Mitchell and even Hogan more RZ and is this more of a Blount game?

Diggs great match up versus Colts but is the target machine a thing of the past?

Golden targets are up even w/ Marvin but w/o a TD isn't his upside mediocre?

Crabtree finger?

Gabriel like Hill, athletic big play freak but low amount of targets and compared to hill does not rush. Even more GPP and what if Jones plays?

Anyone I missed and your thoughts?

7 years ago

I like Crabtree as long as the hand is okay, great price to take him on as well.

Tyrell Williams is very much in play, and one of my favorite wideouts this week.

I am off Tate this week, really tough matchup against the Giants. They are a secondary I tend to stay away from.

I still don't mind Sanders/Thomas this week, but more on the GPP side for me, and the same for Edelman.

I don't think Diggs is 100% healthy right now

Taylor Gabriel is in a good spot again if Julio sits.

Steve Smith and Dontrelle Inman are in play, and I like JJ Nelson as a dirt cheap option.

7 years ago

Thanks Jason. Your week 13 advice on Tate was spot on helped me cash.

The JJ Nelson advice is clutch. No Floyd and the corpse of Fitzgerald doesn't look like it will vulture too much. Is the scary low 2 targets in the L2 weeks fade?

Here is what I have now. Is Hilton a good idea or just fade against the Vikings? If I fade Hilton should that WR2 money go to a TE?

7 years ago

Hi Jason - Thank you for your posts and help!

I fairly new to this and yr line ups helps a lot. Thx!

7 years ago

@Cat4Cat - Glad it helped out! And I am not on Hilton in cash. GPPs I like him. I would use like a Rudolph/Crabtree duo. Gives you a bit higher floor I feel. I like the Chargers WR to this week.

@Yaaar - Happy to help, and I am glad it does. Let me know if you have any Week 15 questions or lineups to review.

7 years ago

Hey fellas. I have two for DK Cash I'm toying with. Leaning towards the Matt Ryan lineup. What do you guys think? How do they look, and which do you prefer?

7 years ago

One more I have to add to the two above. Found a way to get D.J and Bell both in.....

7 years ago

I'm a fan of this.. Looks similar to mine, I have R. Matthews instead of Inman, Doyle instead of Farrow... I like Farrow over Doyle. smart. Thanks

7 years ago

Yeah, I love the idea of starting both D.J. and Bell, but not sure if that leaves me too thin elsewhere.

I could use some more expert opinions. Jason, Zach, where are you guys? Lol

7 years ago

The third lineup is my favorite. Green/Hill/Blount little risky for cash games in one lineup.

While the names aren't exciting in that third one, you got a decent floor.

7 years ago

@Jason: any thoughts on Doyle for cash?

7 years ago

I don't mind him as a punt with Moncrief out.

7 years ago
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