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Week 16: NFL Lineup Advice Cash & GPP, (DraftKings, FanDuel, Yahoo)

Take your daily fantasy game to the next level.
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Post your lineup and position questions in this thread for Week .

Resize your images. If they are more than 600 px tall, your post will be deleted.

There is a limit of three lineups per user. When posting your lineups but the salary of each player and game type. Also make sure you read the comments as your questions may have already been answered.

1 year ago

which one for cash FD? I am thinking Locket or Ginn any preference?

1 year ago

@cat8cat I don't have any problems with those lineups. I also much prefer Lockett over Ginn.

1 year ago

Thanks Zach and everyone at Fanatsy Cafe, Happy Holidays!

1 year ago

Hey fellas. Happy Holidays! I have two here for DK CASH I'd like you to look at. The only diff. between the two is Wilson/Brate and Luck/Henry

1 year ago

@chulpa I don't mind either one of them but for cash I would say Wilson-Brate just because Henry's value is in his ability to score and you cannot count on that each week.

1 year ago

Happy Holidays all,

DK CASH 15 player league, winner usually averages around 155-160. Looking to take it home this week. Thoughts?

Qb- Brees

Rb- howard

Rb- Ajayi



Wr-M. Thomas





1 year ago


That's supposed to be Ginn*

1 year ago

@torch I am not a fan of Ginn at all but he does have big play ability. I like the rest of the lineup. Only thing I would say if you are playing ginn and Olsen in same lineup Newton should be your Q

1 year ago

@zachsgotmoxy Thanks! I swapped out ginn for Lockett and ajayi for Hill.

1 year ago
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