Yahoo Optimal Lineup & Stack: Week 16

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Cash Game Projections

While I'd much rather stack someone with Drew Brees, he's a tremendous option this week, and has a good shot at being the top overall quarterback of the week by the time it's all said and done. LeSean McCoy is certainly in cash game range against the Dolphins, especially after all the work he's put into crushing mediocre run defenses over the last few weeks. McCoy is still relatively cheap compared to the top priced running backs, and that price differential is what causes McCoy to be a very reasonable play once again. Devonta Freeman has scored seven touchdowns in the last four weeks, and with that and the inconsistency of Tevin Coleman considered, Freeman seems to be the main back in Atlanta once again. The Panthers run defense certainly isn't bad, but it's not good at this stage in the season either. Freeman should continue on his solid pace in the red-zone, and for his extremely cheap price, he's worth the gamble.

Julian Edelman certainly hasn't been great in 2016, or really what we've come to expect, but overall, he's in a great spot against the Jets. The Jets have given up on 2016, and the Patriots should roll, hopefully Edelman is on the receiving end of some of the production. Dez Bryant is a really solid price for his production in the second half. He's becoming much more of a prominent weapon as the season is going along. Dak Prescott should be able to figure out this Lions pass defense, and Dez should be in cash game consideration. Rishard Matthews isn't someone I'm rostering against Jalen Ramsay and the Jaguars secondary. They've been too good and the running game is too strong for the Titans. If C.J. Fiedorowicz does indeed sit again, then Ryan Griffin is the clear answer to the problem. Griffin caught all eight of his targets last week, and should be good to go if he's called upon again. Rob Kelly is facing a really weak run defense at this stage, that just allowed a converted wide receiver to run up and down the field on them. They've suffered a ton of injuries, and Kelley can simply have his way with the Bears front seven. Simply put, Kelley is too cheap. The Patriots are the top defense on the slate and they don't even cost a true high end salary. Playing 100 percent exposure to the Pats defense is certainly a viable strategy this week.

GPP Projections

If you're not playing Drew Brees, Andrew Luck is certainly viable. If you're playing him, you absolutely want to get T.Y. Hilton and Raiders players involved, but nonetheless, he's a viable option. Tyler Lockett is emerging in the second half as an extremely viable option in terms of fantasy scoring. His elusiveness combined with Russell Wilson's ability to get it to him in good spots is certainly something to be aware of going forward. Zach Ertz is a target machine, and while the Giants are a really strong defense at this stage, he's worth a gamble in a tournament if you're feeling frisky. Ty Montgomery is certainly interesting in a tournament sense. He brings upside in the idea that what he's done over the last few weeks should provide him more snaps and touches. However, it's still semi-tough to tell what his role is going to be week-to-week.


While it's not the Steelers for the first time in ages, this shouldn't be that big of a surprise. The Cowboys should roll at home, and with that considered, firing away with this trio is a viable cash game strategy.

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And there it is. This is a really solid lineup from a roster construction point of view, other than Rishard Matthews. There's plenty of wide receivers in that range other than him that are certainly viable. The Colts are a great tournament team that opens up salary. They only need to hold the Raiders to a reasonable score to hit value.

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