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I'm new to MLB dfs, what is the best strategy to building out my team on 50/50 contest is it to fill the lineup with tier 1&2 players or staking against a bad pitcher

5 years ago

Both are viable strategies, it sort of depends on how the slate sets up. You can stack in cash games if everything sets up well and you are not taking a risk on your pitcher. You want the safest floor/pitcher on the board in cash games. You also want guys that get on base in those formats, sounds obvious, but you don't want to be taking guys who strikeout 30% of the time. So you can stack against bad pitchers, or use solid players in a balanced approach. You can checkout our tutorial page here https://www.dailyfantasycafe.com/academy/mlb/research-strategy

But feel free to keep reaching out with questions and talking strategy.

5 years ago

Thank you for your reply, I will checkout those tutorials

5 years ago
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