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I am trying to create a strategy where I can create a large amount of tickets with my pitchers and stack teams and I am having major trouble..i have all my pitchers ready and I know which teams that I want to stack..the problem is that when I go to create my lineups I keep getting players that are not in confirmed lineups and I don't realize it until I have created about 50 lineups..i keep forgetting to exclude teams with unconfirmed lineups..i also have major trouble exporting the lineups to draftkings using a Windows laptop..all I want is a simple and quick way to create and export my lineups..does anyone know of a quick/easy way to create stack lineups in bulk and export them easily to draftkings!! Any help is much appreciated because I am at my whits end!!!

7 years ago

You can do exactly what you're asking for with our lineup optimizer. Just wait until lineups are confirmed, which is usually 3-4 hours before game time. You can export all your lineups in one click and then import to DraftKings. Let me know what specific issues you're having with exporting lineups and I can help.

I don't really see a strategy question here, it seems like your issues are solved by waiting until lineups are confirmed. You can see the confirmed teams on the games tab with a green dot.

7 years ago
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