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I just went through and build a set of lineups in the optimizer. I then proceeded to "Download All" and Import said CSV file into the DraftKings Lineup creator.

I am getting this error " Incorrect player position header for sport."

After researching come to find out the Player ID's used on DFC are incorrect, if i download the sample file from DK all of the player ids are off which is causing this error. This ideally should be fixed immediately.

6 years ago

Looking into it and will get back to you when fixed.

6 years ago

Issue is fixed, apologize for the inconvenience.

6 years ago

No need to apologize. I may have come off a bit harsh wasn't intended. My apologize, being a developer myself I understand issue occur. I apologize for being rude.

6 years ago

Oh not at all, we get bugs throughout the day just always try and get to them early. Appreciate you bringing it to our attention.

6 years ago
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