Lineup Optimizer ignoring lock exposure

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Trying to create a lineup with the DraftKings Mon-thur slate but the tool is ignoring the exposure percentages particularly the lock percentages. I'll lock a player at 50% and the generated lineups wont use that player at all.

7 years ago

Reset your tool and the players tab should be working properly again. Let me know if something is up again.

7 years ago
Accepted Answer

When you have exposure on, and start locking players, the player's exposure will drop to 0%, which is why they don't come up.

You will have to change the exposure after locking.

We do this for people who want to lock in more than the positional requirements allowed. If you want to lock Russell Wilson and Joe Flacco, having both at 100% exposure would mess things up. So if you were to lock in Wilson and set his exposure to 50%, he would pop up in half.

7 years ago

I am aware of that feature, that is not the issue. I am changing the percentages to say 40% flacco 10% kessler and 10% taylor it will play taylor on 1 team and not play kessler at all even though he is locked at 10%. Also after locking flacco at 75% and clicking generate I go check the players used and it shows Flacco unlocked and at 100%. it is just completely ignoring my settings when generating the lineups.

7 years ago

I am running what you are saying for percentages and quarterbacks out of ten lineups. Flacco shows up in four, Kessler in one, and Taylor in one. The rest are Russell Wilson. What are your results?

It looks like our players used tab is buggy right now, so I am going to see about that.

7 years ago
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