MLB Lineup Optimizer Updates

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We're making some nice updates to the Optimizer.

1. We recently added Minimum/Maximum Lineup Budget as an option. This setting can be helpful for smaller slates or contrarian lineups. We'll also be adding this feature to the Stack Generator, so you can build stacks within certain budgets to fit in your lineups.

2. We back-testing capability for up to 2 days of all MLB slates. Simply select the older slates in the Slates dropdown. You can save projections, lineups and compare actual results on all slates!

3. Two-Team Stacking in Optimizer and Stack Generator. Designate the teams and settings for two-team stacks. Lock players and build lineups around two-team stacks!

4. Hide Excluded Players from the Player pool. You can select Hide on the Excludes to remove Excluded players from the player pool and they will only be visible in the Excludes tab.

5. Unique Players: Select the number of unique players for each lineup. This is a critical function for multi-lineup entries in order to diversify your lineups. Ie: if you select 4 unique players and generate 10 lineups, each lineup will have 4 unique players when comparing to the other 9 lineups. This option is powerful when combining with stacks as well, just be sure to not be too restrictive, creating impossible criteria.

6. Update Projection Prompt: When you land on the optimizer and there has been an update in player projections, you will be prompted to Update projections or postpone the update until later. This helps you build lineups with the most recent projections. However, if you have done manual overrides, it will reset those. You can save a profile to save those manual overrides if you wish to preserve them.

7. Advanced Options Update: Major update here. We moved the projection dropdown and the Upload Projection button onto the top row. Team Stacks, Projection Models and Exposure are now above the each screen for quick access.

8. Bulk updates and other Advanced Options are moved into an Advanced Options popup next to Upload Projections.

7 years ago

Big UI updates added above!

6 years ago

Hey Fellas,

I have been using the optimizer for about a week or so. I wanted to go back and look at the tutorials on how to use the MLB optimizer and MLB stack portions of the software, but I cannot find the videos anywhere since I paid to signed up. Please help


Jeff ( )

6 years ago
Sorry, please try now - You can see the demo videos in the top right corner of each tab 6 years ago
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