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I am a new member to dfc and im not winning with the fanduel lineup optimizer. I would need to atleast make my $ back to keep going with this site monthly. Is there certain projection models that should be used more than others? Also i play in the larger tournaments should i play i 100 person or less tournaments or doesnt it matter? Thanks for the help fellas!

7 years ago

Hey Tony,

What sport are you looking at? NBA? NFL? Both?

But for the tournament strategy, are you looking to steadily cash or chasing top prizes? Steadily cash should be pushing you to 50/50s and other cash game type contests. GPPs I still stick with the bigger contests. The 100 man leagues pay out usually 12% compared to the 15-20% in larger tournaments. I'd be paying attention to the payout structure more than the size, which I can help more with depending on what type of player you are. I have found bigger contests to be a little less volatile.

7 years ago

Nfl is platform i play in. I only play cash tournaments. Been playing the larger guaranteed tournaments 1st pays between $2000-$4000, but i haven't cashed in 2 weeks using gfs optimal lineup. Maybe i am not using the right combination for projection models. Any help is appreciated.

7 years ago

Gotcha, one thing to keep in mind is that weeks vary greatly. We have seen cash lines be higher than GPP cash lines, and vice versa. The projection models I use the most are Vegas and fantasy points allowed, and will use them together too. Game Theory can help drive up who we believe will be used heavily. Those three emphasize who you should really be going after. Pivot and Ceiling are more designed for the huge GPP tournaments where we are talking 30 and 50 thousand to first.

After generating lineups, I still might look to tweak things around. The lock and exclude feature can help fine tune what the optimal lineup shoots out. For example this week, I am looking to lock in Devontae Booker for Denver. At first it gave me Devonta Freeman, but using the swap feature I made a change, locked, and reran the optimal lineup. It gave a really good core, but I just wanted to make one personal change. That's how I use it.

We are more than happy to help guide you through possible swaps, and guys to lock/exclude in the Week 8 advice forum.

7 years ago

Thanks for the insight i really appreciate the help. Happy Drafting!

7 years ago

No problem at all, good luck tomorrow!

7 years ago
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