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I always see on sites with optimizers, that you shouldn't just use the lineup it gives you, but adjust it. I have won some small pots with just the optimizer, but want to know how the pros know who to change out and who to keep. I play gpp's.



7 years ago

@mikebw - the optimizer is only as good as the projections and players available in the player pool. The best DFS players come up with a strategy through research and analysis of data, trends, etc to adjust projections either automatically or manually. If you want to differentiate yourself, it'll take coming up with your own winning strategy through testing and analysis. It's not glorious work, but it's what has to be done. You can also start small and find a few differentiators that you feel are being overlooked, undervalued and/or overvalued and adjust accordingly. There is no one right answer to your question. You could also potentially continue to select the ripe games and pull out a profit using just the optimizer and the built in settings. However, as you can imagine, using out of the box optimizer lineups isn't ideal as anyone else can do that same. It's your own personal customizations that can make your lineups different.

7 years ago
Accepted Answer

The way I use our optimizer is by plugging in my favorite pitcher and stack using our stack generator. After locking those in I run optimizer and my own research to get the rest of the plays that I like. You also need to make sure you adjust the settings to what is important to you.

7 years ago

I am with Zach, I find my favorite core players and lock them in. I also exclude teams that I don't like for offense. So teams with low totals, you can exclude them all together, and just keep teams that you like for offense that night. If you want to go further, filtering by salary is a good way to see balanced, or stars and scrubs lineups.

7 years ago

Great answers guys, now I can see how pros play and use that to my advantage! Thanks for sharing! We should try and have more questions and answers like these!

7 years ago


7 years ago
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