It is fantasy players’ favorite time of year, and for 2022, DraftKings is hosting the Fantasy Hockey World Championship. This event began in October and will run all the way up until March 7th, which will be the last date that you can qualify before the championship begins. There will be qualifiers held until that day, allowing you to gain entry into the championship, where the grand prize for first place is one hundred and fifty thousand dollars! See below for more details regarding the Fantasy Hockey World Championship like how to qualify, the payout structure, and how to set a proper DFS lineup.

How To Qualify

As with the other Fantasy World Championships that DraftKings is holding, the process to attempt to qualify is simple. Start at the DraftKings Fantasy Hockey World Championship page ( ). Then, you should read all of the instructions, rules, and steps to qualify for the championship! After that, click on the “Qualify” button, which will take you to another page. This page will require you to log-in, and once you have done that, you can set your lineup for the upcoming qualifier.

Payout Structure

There is a total of $600,000 in prize money for the Fantasy Hockey World Championship with $150,000 of that going to the first place winner! Even though first place gets a good chunk of the change, there are a total of 40 contestants who will be paid out, with 40th place earning four thousand dollars. Below is the full payout structure for all 40 of the finalists.

1st: $150,000

2nd: $100,000

3rd: $50,000

4th: $30,000

5th: $25,000

6th: $20,000

7th: $18,000

8th: $16,000

9th: $14,000

10th: $12,000

11th-12th: $10,000

13th-14th: $8,500

15th-17th: $7,000

18th-21st: $6,000

22nd-25th: $5,000

26th-31st: $4,500

32nd-40th: $4,000

How To Set A DFS Lineup

Fantasy Hockey is much like other fantasy sports for DraftKings as it has a salary cap limit of fifty thousand for each lineup or entry. The difference between Fantasy Basketball and Fantasy Hockey is that hockey has one more position that you have to fill in your lineup. In fantasy basketball, you have one point guard, one shooting guard, one small forward, one power forward, and one center, as well as an additional guard, forward, and utility player. The utility player can be any position and helps create flexibility within your lineup so you can have several players at different positions. Fantasy hockey has one more slot for your lineup, but the positions are two centers, three wingers, two defensemen, one goalie, and one utility player. When considering a DFS lineup for fantasy hockey, you want to consider how positional matchups might affect certain players, as well as whether or not a player’s “salary” is too high or too low. Many times the DFS players who win a contest or qualifier are able to predict players to have great games who otherwise are typically not high fantasy scorers,


This event is the best that DraftKings offers for Fantasy Hockey with a top prize of one hundred and fifty thousand dollars to one of the forty qualifiers. Even if you place 40th, you can still win a substantial cash prize! Hop into the next qualifying event quickly as the championship is around two months away.

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