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If you want something a little different than the typical day-to-day daily fantasy contests against a pool of players, Monkey Knife Fight is the fastest growing daily fantasy site. Instead of posting a lineup card against other contest full of other DFS players, you can pick from a series of props and play against the house. has an exclusive "CAFE" promo code that is guaranteed to provide the highest welcome offer from Monkey Knife Fight. The 2/2/23 welcome bonus is 100% deposit match up to $100 and a $5 deposit free bonus. Your account will instantly be credited in MKF dollars and you can win real money games.

The prop plays are based on predicting different in-game outcomes from the major professional leagues, plus esports. Here's a look at Monkey Knife Fight, including the legality of playing, a review of the app and website, promo codes and how to sign up. We'll finish up with an overall opinion, plus a few pros and cons to consider.

February Promo Code Details

Monkey Knife Fight Promo Code

Promo Code Details

Monkey Knife Fight Welcome Bonus

Use promo code "CAFE" for $105 bonus.

Deposit Bonus Details

100% deposit match up to $100.
No Deposit Bonus $5 Free upon sign up
Promo Code Requirements If you win your game, your bonus amount will roll over into a pending bonus. You must then meet the playthrough requirements before you can withdraw the funds.
Expiration Date There is no expiration date at this time. Over the past year, MKF has varied its new user promotion greatly. We've seen a number of variations and we can expect changes around major sporting events.
Is Monkey Knife Fight Legal? Yes, MKF is legal to play in virtually all states where daily fantasy sports is legal. There are 36 states where you can legally play on Monkey Knife Fight. The largest states being CA, FL, GA, TX, and IL. You must be 18 years of age to play and supply supporting documentation.

Monkey Knife Fight Promo Code

CheckYES! There are those who are driving a hard line against all types of sports gambling, gambling in general for that matter. Fortunately for sports enthusiasts, these individuals are losing and falling further behind in the battle. Monkey Knife Fight steps right to the edge of what is actually daily fantasy sports vs. actual sports gambling.

Since Monkey Knife Fight players select choices between outcomes of specific in-game events, they are not deemed to be gambling on the game itself. The idea may seem ever-so-close to actual sports gambling.

However, Monkey Knife Fight is legal in more than 36 states, many of which have yet to pass gambling legislation. Oddly enough, it isn't legal in New Jersey, one of the first states to welcome sportsbooks. The only other restriction is that you must be 18 no matter what state you live in.

Available Sports

Monkey Knife Fight offers several sports to play in, including esports. The following are all active on the site:








-Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

-League of Legends


All of these sports have multiple ways to play and win. They are easily found on the desktop site or mobile app.

Types of Games on Monkey Knife Fight

When we describe the set up on Monkey Knife Fight as unique, we weren't exaggerating. There are a series of strangely unique prop plays for every game. Most involve statistical performances of individual players.

MKF Game

More/Less– This is the simplest prop play. While you can benefit from a little research, especially some basic matchup analysis, more or less plays are easy. You either think the number, yardage, points, or other statistical categories will be more or less the than posted number.

Rapid Fire – Rapid Fire is another prop play that is almost as simple as the more or less version. The only difference is there are more variables to consider. There are a series of head-to-head player matchups and you pick which player will score the most. Get every pick correct and you win twice your investment. Here, you could feasibly hit x100 your money by going 8/8 on NFL games

Stat Shootout – This one takes a little better understanding of various stat categories. However, it's still more of a random choice game. You look at various statistical categories and select which player from the pool you think will have the best performance in relation to that stat.

These are the three easiest prop plays that require the least amount of skill and research. There are also engaging plays like the Reception Collection, Touchdown Dance and the Hail Mary. In these games you pick things like the player with the most TDs, passes caught, or a player who will catch the longest TD reception.

Monkey Knife Fight Promo Code: "CAFE"

The promotion code changes occasionally. What was once a 100-percent match for a deposit up to $50 has been doubled. You can get $100 of free money to play with on Monkey Knife Fight just by depositing at least $100 into your account. It's that simple. Our sister site also offers the same monkey knife fight promo code. Either site will give you the max bonus. Plus you will get $5 free when you sign up.

Use Promo Code "CAFE" For Max $105 Bonus

How to Sign Up for Monkey Knife Fight

This is as simple as signing up to be on an email list. You'll create a username and password. Like most formats, you'll be asked to verify your email and password. Complete that simple process and you're ready to fight the monkey.

Once you sign up, you confirm that you have read the terms and conditions of playing on Monkey Knife Fight. You are permitted to have a single account, and this account must be funded by you.

When you decide to deposit funds into your account and play for real, you must provide your age, full name, and email address. Monkey Knife Fight reserves the right to request additional information for verification purposes.

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Monkey Knife Fight Website and App Review

If you're looking for a colorfully engaging website design, you'll find it when you open up the Monkey Knife Fight homepage. Unique would not do it justice. From the crazy chimpanzee driving the Red Bull Steampunk Special locomotive, the icons are wildly iconic.


The outside perimeter is filled with jet packs on blue whales, to wild-eyed cowboy pole dancers. Yes, the games are truly unique and the website design clearly wants you to appreciate that the moment you land.

mobile app

Game Play

Now the important stuff isn't lost on all the colorfully artistic visuals. The eye-patched fighting monkey is the key tab for each of the prop play selections. The developers use an orderly pattern so you can read across the page, landing on any plays you want to explore.

monkey knife fight prop games

Prop plays have basic information, with a convenient read-more tab to expand the information. The most popular prop plays are set up four across the page, with the same load-more option for these as well.

The set up is obviously designed to be user-friendly for both PC users and players who want to play using a mobile device with the dedicated mobile app on iOS and Android. Monkey Knife Fight generates a great deal of social media conversation, so logically there is a dedicated section on the homepage for Tweets.

To further drive home the spirit of fun vs. gambling, there is a video section at the bottom of the homepage. There are expert sports-related videos, plus streams of various special events that happen all across the country. These involve interviews at tailgate parties and other social events.

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Help and Support

You can get a lot of questions answered by connecting with the Monkey Knife Fight social media outlets. They have a presence on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. They also insist you can chat with a real monkey. Well, we're fairly certain that's not actually the truth. However, there is a live chat automated chat option. There is also the standard email communication.

Deposit and Withdrawal Options

To make deposits into your account on Monkey Knife Fight, you can use all major credit cards, or a debit card. Winnings can be withdrawn back to the same card. There are steps you can take to change the method of withdrawals, but they require a few days for the change to activate.

The minimum deposit is $10. However, deposit limits are generous. You can put $1,000 each day into your account or up to $5,000 over a seven-day period. Monthly maximum deposits are capped at $10,000. Like changing the method of withdrawals you can personally request to have these deposit limits increased.

How to Win on Monkey Knife Fight

Patience is a virtue. The best thing you can do on MKF is going through as many competitions as it takes to find one you feel confident about. Much of the time when searching hard enough you will find bets that you really like.

One tip is to look for lines of players who have lower name value, as they often are seen as underdogs due to the fact that the media and fan perception has not caught up to their ability. You can also look for matchups where a big name player may struggle. Oftentimes, you will find lines or choices where the big named player is rated way too high, again, because of their perception.

Another huge piece of advice is to look at the over/under on the totals for games. If you find a game that Vegas oddsmakers are putting a huge point total up for, then you can use this to guide you to games that should be higher scoring. A great way to make money is finding a low line on a QB for Monkey Knife Fight in a game that Vegas sees as high-scoring. Then choosing the Said QB to hit the more side on that play.

Do not be afraid to take risks, but be smart. 6x your money is always fun, but it is hard to do. Oftentimes, if you really really like a bet it may be better to attempt to go with the middle bet at 3x or 4x your money instead. You are given more leeway and can still walk away with big profits.

Refer a Friend

Monkey Knife Fight offers you $10 when you refer a friend and they make their first deposit. This is a win-win as your friend will also be given a free contest entry with a prize of $10+ when using your referral URL.

Challenging Friends

Monkey Knife Fight gifts you the ability to challenge friends in contests. This is a great way to play the app and settle disputes when arguing about your favorite sports. When selecting any game or group of games go to the drop-down menu above the contest offered for said game and select “vs Friend”. Following that, select any of the contests offered to challenge your friends in!

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Monkey Knife Fight legal?

Yes, Monkey Knife Fight is legal in over 36 US states. Monkey Knife Fight games fall under daily fantasy designation in the eyes of the law. There have been millions of dollars in cash winnings paid out, and the site shows an estimated six-figure take nearly every week. In the states that Monkey Knife Fight is legal, it has built a legitimate, legal reputation.

How Does the Monkey Knife Fight promo code compare to DraftKings & FanDuel?

If you compare the welcome offers to the DraftKings & FanDuel daily fantasy sites, it's leagues ahead. FanDuel offers a $5 free game and DraftKings offers $15 in free games. If you compare to the DraftKings Sportsbook promo code & FanDuel Sportsbook promo code, it's right on par and even a bit better. The registration bonus and no deposit bonus puts Monkey Knife Fight in it's own class. We are big fans of these promotions.

Is Monkey Knife Fight considered a Sportsbook?

No, it falls under the legal definition of a daily fantasy sports site according to Monkey Knife Fight management. So, what this means is that Monkey Knife Fight is available in more states. There are some states where you can find daily fantasy products from other companies and not find MKF available. This is due to the legal grey area of these states.

Is There a Live Chat Option?

While there is a live chat option for account holders, Monkey Knife Fight is open about the fact that it is a chatbot. There are obviously hundreds of pertinent questions loaded into the program, but there may be the occasional inquiry that stumps the monkey. We would like to see a live human manning the chat in the near future.

Is your account balance safe on Monkey Knife Fight?

The Monkey Knife Fight terms of service clearly indicate that MKF fully complies with all US banking laws and regulations. To further put your mind at ease, a multi-billionaire financially backs the company. The website adheres to SSL (Secure Sockets Layering) and provides a https connection on their site. This is all you can ask for and standard operating procedure.

Does it take a lot of time to get paid out?

The first requirement for to withdraw is to request a minimum amount of $20. You can withdraw funds from your account at any time. It takes between three and five business days for standard withdraws to process. For requests of more than $600, a valid mailing address must be provided as well as a social security number.

Do I have to deposit to receive the $5 free signup offer?

No, upon registration, $5 will be deposited automatically into your balance to use on the site. Just to make sure to use code "CAFE" when signing up for Monkey Knife Fight.

Monkey Knife Fight Promo Code

Editor's Overall Review

My Thoughts on Monkey Knife Fight Experience

thumb up

If you're searching for a little variety in your daily fantasy adventures, this is the place for you. There aren't any of the traditional pick a lineup of player contests, but the contests that Monkey Knife Fight does offer are truly unique.

You don't have to play against a few thousand lineups, and the amount of study and research is minimal. Monkey Knife Fight offers interesting twists on game performance where you make your choice based more on your hunches than your sports wisdom. However, all your hard-earned sports knowledge can win you a big cash payout.


  • It is simple and easy to sign up. In addition, it is free.
  • When you sign up and make your first deposit, you'll get a 100% match from Monkey Knife Fight up to $100. You also get $5 free for signing up. That's the potential for $105 of house money to play with.
  • To participate in any of the prop plays, the skill level is moderate and you don't need to do a bunch of detailed research.
  • There is a nice $25 bonus for every friend you can convince to sign up for Monkey Knife Fight with you as a reference.
  • High deposit limits and unlimited withdrawals, which take less than a week to process.


  • Help and support could be improved dramatically. You can get some answers by browsing the three major social media platforms. But the only other ways to communicate a problem is via the help tab and an email communication, or what they honestly admit is a chatbot.

Editor's Rating: 4.97 out of 5 stars

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Games are fun and it's good to see some innovation. Free $5 with no deposit is nice too. May stick around.


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Got the bonus, thanks!


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$50 is nice at this point in DFS. It's lame what's happened to the bonus amounts at this companies. They are billion dollar companies and can't give more than $5 to a new user!!!