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NFL Team Depth Charts 2017

Can you remember a more hectic time for quarterbacks trying to land on starting teams? The quarterback carousel is alive and well. Between Tony Romo, Jay Cutler, and Colin Kaepernick, we have ourselves some premium names that might not even play in 2017. Depth Charts are starting to take place, but always progress into smaller numbers as the summer goes on. Running backs are also at a premium, and more timeshares look to be on the horizon in 2017.

The backfield always is somewhere to narrow in research of the league's depth charts. There a few workhorse backs, like David Johnson, Le'Veon Bell, and Melvin Gordon left in this league. For the most part we deal with a set of two backs. Jeremy Hill and Giovani Bernard — Devonta Freeman and Tevin Coleman are a few names where the hand cuff factor plays a part in fantasy football. This is a good way to identify who to grab off the waiver wire, and also those pass-catching backs in game flow situations.

Wide receivers are listed one through for, and generally see targets in that order. However, when opposing number one corners can take away the opposing number one wide receiver, those targets are spread out more. Using cornerback and wide receiver depth chart knowledge can allow you to predict targets and production on a weekly basis.

Outside of the core positions, keeping tabs on both sides of the line can be crucial too. A running back who runs to his right might have some trouble if his starting right guard is out for a few games. While it isn't as sexy as the other positions, there is always an edge to be gained by going the extra mile. Depth charts consistently change, so keep checking back in with us for updates.

Arizona Cardinals Depth Chart 2017 - The Cardinals are coming off a surprising down year, and are looking at littler turnover coming into 2017. Carson Palmer remains the starting quarterback, but rumor has them looking to reach out for one of the young QBs in the draft.

Atlanta Falcons Depth Chart 2017 - After blowing an epic lead in the Super Bowl, Atlanta will try and regroup in the new year. The offense lost Kyle Shanahan as a coordinator, but the offensive names remain intact.

Baltimore Ravens Depth Chart 2017 - Another name from the last decade of great Ravens has retired, this time it is Steve Smith. The Ravens offense struggled big time last season, and will look to rebuild this year.

Buffalo Bills Depth Chart 2017 - The Tyrod Taylor drama came to an end, and it looks he will retain his job as starting quarterback in 2017. Buffalo has absences to will beyond Sammy Watkins, alongside defensive help.

Carolina Panthers Depth Chart 2017 - Carolina was on the cusp of a Super Bowl, and dropped off big time last season. The defense didn't make up for the loss of Josh Norman, and were wildly inconsistent on offense.

Chicago Bears Depth Chart 2017 - The Bears have moved on from Jay Cutler, which opens up a quarterback battle for 2017. Alshon Jeffery leaving also opens up the door for wide receivers to assert themselves in Chicago.

Cincinnati Bengals Depth Chart 2017 - Injuries plagued the Bengals last season, and might continue to this year. Behind A.J. Green, there are positions opening up for the WR2 spot. Jeremy Hill and Giovani Bernard both remain in a timeshare.

Cleveland Browns Depth Chart 2017 - It will be interesting to see how Cleveland draft this year, as they have needs at about every position. With the continuous turnover, it will be fresh faces in new spots once again.

Dallas Cowboys Depth Chart 2017 - Behind one of the best offensive lines in football, Dallas setup Ezekiel Elliot for much success. However, rumors are they might add another back through free agency. Most of the needs are on the defensive side.

Denver Broncos Depth Chart 2017 - After the retirement of Peyton manning, Denver used Trevor Semien for the most part. After C.J. Anderson went down, Denver mixed and matched running backs, which nobody has a solidified role as at the moment.

Detroit Lions Depth Chart 2017 - The Lions bolstered their defense down the stretch, and look to do the same over the offense. Their offense should remain similar, outside of a very banged up backfield. This remains the true question mark heading into 2017.

Green Bay Packers Depth Chart 2017 - Where will Ty Montgomery be in 2017? Still with the Packers, but the role is uncertain. They like him as a back, but as a full-time one, we will see. Injuries hurt the secondary last year, but it definitely is a need.

Houston Texans Depth Chart 2017 - After trading Brock Osweiler to the Browns, Houston is right back where they were prior to last season — without a quarterback. Houston also needs to sure up some spots on defense now, letting a few free agents walk in the offseason.

Indianapolis Colts Depth Chart 2017 - The offensive line continues to lack in protection of their star quarterback, while the defense will gain many new names this offseason. We are looking at numerous tryouts for starting jobs on the defensive side.

Jacksonville Jaguars Depth Chart 2017 - You may not have noticed, but Jacksonville built an excellent defense last season, and it will be even better this year. There are talks of adding a running back through the draft, which is a bit odd, but a position that lacks a star.

Kansas City Chiefs Depth Chart 2017 - The Jamaal Charles era is over, and now we look to move on to the same duo as we did last season. The defense has a couple spots to sure up, but overall this K.C. team is one of the more complete teams in the AFC.

Los Angeles Rams Depth Chart 2017 - Where do we begin? The Rams are in just as bad of spot as Cleveland is. The loss of Kenny Britt leaves them with no real threat at wideout, and the defense is starting to lose names to free agency.

Miami Dolphins Depth Chart 2017 - Miami's offense might be very close to being one of the better ones in football. They have a solid trio of wideouts, and Jay Ajayi took a big step forward. Miami's secondary will be the focus in the offseason.

Minnesota Vikings Depth Chart 2017 - No more Adrian Peterson, which means they have a need at running back. Teddy Bridgewater is also not a sure thing for 2017. Minnesota needs to focus on their offensive line, and skill players.

New England Patriots Depth Chart 2017 - Adding Rex Burkhead and Dwayne Allen in the offseason are your typical Patriots offseason moves. They rarely leave holes in their roster, and open up one of the most diverse offenses in football. Oh, they also got Brandin Cooks.

New Orleans Saints Depth Chart 2017 - Trading away Brandin Cooks might come back to haunt the Saints, but they have always done a good job at spreading out offense. Keep an eye on the weapons for Drew Brees.

New York Giants Depth Chart 2017 - Landing Brandon Marshall gives Eli Manning a great trio of options. They still lack at running back, but the Giants defense was the most improved defense in 2017. Look for more additions.

New York Jets Depth Chart 2017 - There are holes just about everywhere for New York. The defense remained somewhat average last season, while the offense was bottom five. The loss of Brandon Marshall leaves Eric Decker all alone.

Oakland Raiders Depth Chart 2017 - The biggest need for Oakland is a few more defensive names, other than that, this team was a brutal injury away from giving New England a run for their money. Running back is also a position to see who grabs this year.

Philadelphia Eagles Depth Chart 2017 - The Eagles signed Alshon Jeffery for a one year deal, which pushes everyone down the depth chart one spot. Philly will likely continue with the rotating running backs based on game flow.

Pittsburgh Steelers Depth Chart 2017 - When healthy, Pittsburgh has one of the best offenses in football. We haven't seen them healthy all at once a lot, but do note their backups just in case of future injuries.

San Diego Charger Depth Charts 2017 - The Chargers are a sneaky dark horse in 2017, and made their defense a top half one on the league. Offensive injuries continue to derail any sort of hopes for moving into the playoffs.

San Francisco 49ers Depth Chart 2017 - You can nab the 49ers with teams like the Jets, Browns, and Rams. They have numerous positions to fill, and are also in the market for a quarterback. Carlos Hyde is about as stable as it gets here.

Seattle Seahawks Depth Chart 2017 - Seattle often makes under the radar moves that pop up deep into the season. We saw Paul Richardson emerge down the stretch and may make more impact this season. Running backs also have been injury prone here.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers Depth Chart 2017 - A young rebuilding team will continue to make moves in Tampa. The defense still has its ups and downs, while the offense threw more than most offenses. Look for the planned rebuild to continue.

Tennessee Titans Depth Chart 2017 - The Titans are a few steps away from being very good team. The defense will be the focal point, and also adding another weapon for Marcus Mariota. Look for Tennessee to grab more secondary players.

Washington Redskins Depth Chart 2017 - Kirk Cousins remains to be the talk of town, if he sees out a contract in Washington. If he does not, or gets traded, Washington will have to get a QB in this draft. Pierre Garcon gave way to Jamison Crowder's emergence.