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After somewhat of a surprise pick in the 2015 draft, Phillip Dorsett will have the WR3 spot to himself with Andre Johnson's time done in Indy. Colby Fleener also being out of the picture is a bonus to the potential Dorsett target increase. It was a down year for the Colts offense, and Dorsett saw just 39 targets. It wasn't expected for him to see a ton anyway, but a tick upwards should be in store. Dorsett isn't going to be in store for a breakout year, but a cheap flyer with WR2 upside on a week-to-week basis is about his ceiling. Despite Andrew Luck missing most of 2015, Indianapolis still remained a pass heavy offense, ranking 5th in average pass attempts. This also had a lot to do with them playing from behind.

It has been a while since an Indianapolis running back picked up some buzz, but we actually have two to talk about for 2016. Frank Gore is the obvious candidate in Indy to thrive, yet thriving means something a little bit different in Indy. Gore just missed out on another 1,000 yard season in 2015, seeing 260 carries, but rushing for just 3.7 YPC. Not appealing by any means, but without Luck, Indy was forced to lean on Gore at times heavily. Indy boasts a very average offensive line, something that has been an issue over the last few seasons. Indy has a few notable names behind Gore, like Jordan Todman, and Robert Turbin, but it is Josh Ferguson who is making some noise as a third-down back in the passing game. The Colts staff linked him to a Darren Sproles type player, and we know in the right spot, they can have significant roles based on game flow.

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