NFL Schedule

It all starts here — the rivalry games, the tough road stretches, and the primetime games. While six games are always for certain against your own division, the rotating divisional play is always something to keep an eye on. If you have the formula down, the day of releasing schedules won't be much of a surprise. However, playing Green Bay in September is different from playing them in January. Circle those London games, and the narrative games for returning players to old teams. Who doesn't love a good narrative?

For fantasy players, noticing a quarterback who is playing a tough defense four weeks in a row late in the year gives you an edge on your competition. Those cold and bad weather games are never fun for offenses late in the season, and often get overlooked when browsing the schedules.

Gear up here for your NFL schedule needs, as you can look by team, or by week. Alongside future, and even previous weeks, you will find fantasy notes from our experts and their thoughts on individual weeks. They will note injuries, new opportunities, narratives, and interesting notes that you may have missed. Be sure to tune in for weekly updates throughout the season.

Below you can find the Year over year and Weekly schedules for NFL Teams.

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