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One Day Fantasy Baseball One Day Fantasy Baseball

NFL Week 14 Schedule 2016

Date Time Game
Thursday, December 8 8:25 PM ET Oakland Raiders @ Kansas City Chiefs
Sunday, December 11 1:00 PM ET Pittsburgh Steelers @ Buffalo Bills
Sunday, December 11 1:00 PM ET San Diego Chargers @ Carolina Panthers
Sunday, December 11 1:00 PM ET Cincinnati Bengals @ Cleveland Browns
Sunday, December 11 1:00 PM ET Houston Texans @ Indianapolis Colts
Sunday, December 11 1:00 PM ET Chicago Bears @ Detroit Lions
Sunday, December 11 1:00 PM ET Minnesota Vikings @ Jacksonville Jaguars
Sunday, December 11 1:00 PM ET Arizona Cardinals @ Miami Dolphins
Sunday, December 11 1:00 PM ET Denver Broncos @ Tennessee Titans
Sunday, December 11 1:00 PM ET Washington Redskins @ Philadelphia Eagles
Sunday, December 11 1:00 PM ET New Orleans Saints @ Tampa Bay Buccaneers
Sunday, December 11 4:05 PM ET New York Jets @ San Francisco 49ers
Sunday, December 11 4:25 PM ET Seattle Seahawks @ Green Bay Packers
Sunday, December 11 4:25 PM ET Atlanta Falcons @ Los Angeles Rams
Sunday, December 11 8:30 PM ET Dallas Cowboys @ New York Giants
Monday, December 12 8:30 PM ET Baltimore Ravens @ New England Patriots

Week 14 Fantasy Analysis

With a full slate and no bye weeks, there should be plenty of fireworks as we head into the home stretch of the season. David Johnson and the struggling Arizona Cardinals go into Tennessee to challenge the young and upstart Titans. With the Cardinals defense struggling with injuries and chunk plays, it's likely that Marcus Mariota and DeMarco Murray continue on their season-long pace of dominating in good match-ups. In what could decide the division and playoff seeding, the Texans go to Indiana to face the Colts. Andrew Luck is certainly looking to increase his passing production, and while the Texans have been a solid secondary this year, it's very viable to think Luck and T.Y. Hilton are great stacking options. Jeremy Hill and the Bengals get a cake matchup against the Browns, and should be able to have their way with them. Hill had his best fantasy result of the season against this team, and should find some open lanes after a few tough match-ups in a row. Andy Dalton and Tyler Eifert are also stacking options for what seems like the first time this year. Monday night sets up to be a tough matchup for both teams, as the Ravens head into New England. The Ravens offense has sputtered most of the season, but their defense always seems to keep them in the game. Because of this, it might be tough to fit many Patriots players into the mix for DFS purposes this week.