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NFL Week 9 Schedule 2016

Date Time Game
Thursday, November 3 8:25 PM ET Atlanta Falcons @ Tampa Bay Buccaneers
Sunday, November 6 1:00 PM ET Dallas Cowboys @ Cleveland Browns
Sunday, November 6 1:00 PM ET Jacksonville Jaguars @ Kansas City Chiefs
Sunday, November 6 1:00 PM ET New York Jets @ Miami Dolphins
Sunday, November 6 1:00 PM ET Detroit Lions @ Minnesota Vikings
Sunday, November 6 1:00 PM ET Philadelphia Eagles @ New York Giants
Sunday, November 6 1:00 PM ET Pittsburgh Steelers @ Baltimore Ravens
Sunday, November 6 4:05 PM ET Carolina Panthers @ Los Angeles Rams
Sunday, November 6 4:05 PM ET New Orleans Saints @ San Francisco 49ers
Sunday, November 6 4:25 PM ET Indianapolis Colts @ Green Bay Packers
Sunday, November 6 4:25 PM ET Tennessee Titans @ San Diego Chargers
Sunday, November 6 8:30 PM ET Denver Broncos @ Oakland Raiders
Monday, November 7 8:30 PM ET Buffalo Bills @ Seattle Seahawks

Week 9 Fantasy Analysis

While there could be a potential suspension looming, as long as Ezekiel Elliott is in the lineup, he should continue on his dominant pace. The Cleveland Browns have been one of the worst run defenses in the league so far in 2016, and with the way Dallas and Ellott has run the ball this year, it's tough to keep him out of any DFS lineup this week. While their defenses have failed them so far in 2016, Andrew Luck and Aaron Rodgers have still kept things afloat in fantasy terms. This matchup should equate to a lot of scoring and a back and forth matchup. While they've both certainly dealt with their fair share of injuries, both Rodgers and Luck have a bunch of really solid stacking options that could also be considered values because of injury discounts. The Broncos and Raiders face off in what could be, and is a huge divisional game. While the Broncos run defense has been below average this year, their pass defense is still just as strong. With that considered, they're going to have to deal with Derek Carr and the potent Raiders passing attack. Carr and the Raiders receiving options combined for over 500 passing yards in last weeks matchup against the Buccaneers.