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NFL Team Defense Stats 2017

The revealing of NFL Schedules has been a mini holiday in Spring. Each team has eight home games, and eight away. They also have Bye Weeks, which is one week per team for rest. These can be from anywhere from Week 4 to Week 13. NFL has brought London into the mix over the last few years, resulting some teams to forfeit one of their home games, and go play overseas.

If you have ever wondered how they determine who plays who, it is the same formula every year. Each team will play their division twice, once home and once away. This results in six games already. Then a team plays one game against each team from a division in their own conference. Two of those are played at home, and two are on the road. This rotates every three years. This is also repeated for a division outside of conference as well. The final piece of the puzzle is playing two games against in-conference opponents, determined on where the teams finished in their division. A first place team in one division, would play another first place team in another division. This is how we get our Sunday Night Football games that don't feature in-division opponents, and also our Fox Game of the Week matchups.

Once schedules are released, noting the possible rough stretches of the season, we still can't take a heavy approach to letting it influence on our takes. We saw the NFC East defenses rise to the occasion more than we anticipated in preseason. Analyzing NFL schedules can help set up your fantasy drafts. Focusing in on out of division games will give you an edge on the rest. In division games are a bit predictable for teams to game plan. Out of division games are a different story.