NBA Salary Exploitation Tool

Compare Daily Fantasy Basketball Salaries

The Salary Exploitation Tool is a one-stop guide to help assist research across most daily fantasy sites. Our goal is to help navigate you through finding value, justified top-priced players, busts, and overpriced players. We highlight them given our “Cafe Value,” to help sort out those top points-per-dollar plays. This all varies from site-to-site, due to roster construction, scoring, and pricing differences. You can sort through whichever sites you are playing on, because Stephen Curry might be a good play on DraftKings, but overpriced on FanDuel.

Our projection and value system points out the good, average, and bad plays in a color code system. You can filter by position, and also search by a player. This will be key for finding those value picks on a nightly basis, as well as figuring out which site Russell Westbrook offers the most bang for his buck. You can view by salary, or by our “Cafe Value.” Hovering over a player will toggle whichever the one that is not chosen above.

The tool is being constantly updated throughout the day, and if you are seasoned in NBA, you know value opens up over the course of a whole day. Keep checking in with our tools, and you will see the cafe value updated based on real-life NBA news. Some sites are slower to update their pricing, so that backup point guard might be already marked up on one site, compared to another. The Salary Exploitation tool will help you make the decision of putting that player into your lineups or not.

NBA DFS is a different animal in terms of research, and lineup construction. We value the Salary Exploitation tool very highly for lineup construction. If you are building lineups across multiple sites, this is will be a go to tool for you.