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NHL Stack Generator

If you are new to Daily Fantasy Hockey, stacking a "line" is a great way to increase your upside in tournaments, as well as cash games. To make a comparison to other sports, if your wide receiver catches a touchdown, you can heighten that ceiling with pairing him up with the same quarterback. It is close to that, but a little different in hockey. Player A scores a goal, while player B and player C record the assists. Our tool will be able to help you pair up these lines, while you are able to select different options based on line, powerplay, number of players, matchup, and more. If you are a seasoned NHL player, our Stack Generator tool will have everything you need to develop those tournament winning stacks.

First things first you might be asking if you have to research lines before using the tool? The answer is no. Our Stack Generator tool pulls in team lines right from the morning skates, providing you with the ability to generate stacks strictly within the tool. You will have the ability to sort through where you pull stacks from, whether it is a powerplay line one, or an even strength line two. It doesn't stop there. With wingers and defenseman being involved in stacks -- you can be creative in how you construct the perfect GPP winning stack by selecting the minimum and maximum position players to include. This also helps if you want to make a few pairings for cash game, instead of taking the all or nothing stacking strategy. The Stack Generator tool will provide you with the ability to sort by salary and Vegas totals as well to help narrow down the stack you are looking for.

Our MLB Stack Generator features the ability to pull a stack into our Colossus Optimizer, and the NHL will be able to do the same. Once you have perfected your stack, save, and upload into Colossus. This will have our optimizer build around your stack producing the most optimal pairings with your players. You will also be able to view multiple lineups built around your stack, giving you endless options. As with all other sports, you will be able to upload straight to FanDuel or DraftKings from our optimizer.

This is the future home of our NHL Stack Generator. Coming 16-17 NHL season.