MLB Vegas Point Totals

Vegas totals should be the first place to start before breaking down an MLB slate. This helps you save precious time narrowing out useless players to target. The color coding highlights the good, average, and bad areas to target for the slate. Vegas takes most aspects of what we look for in researching DFS, therefor make our lives easier.

MLB Vegas Lines & Odds

Team Totals

Team totals is where you are going to be looking for your possible hitters, as well as your possible pitchers to target. The lower the team total, the better odds you should be looking into taking a pitcher against that team. The higher the team total teams draw you to researching their offense, as well as fading a pitcher against them. This can help you cut down a slate into pieces, making it a less daunting process.


A win for your pitcher is an important part of DFS, and can be a crucial swing in your contests. We highlight the top moneylines that show which pitchers you should take into consideration, as well as highlighting the ones to stay away from. Using the combination of the team total and money line will likely lead you to the promise land, and save you plenty of time getting there.