NBA Vegas Point Totals

Vegas totals are crucial for daily fantasy basketball, and our Vegas totals tool is here to help make life a little easier. This tool helps you narrow down research by finding the higher scoring teams, also avoiding possible blowouts, and lower scoring teams. The color coded totals highlight good, average, and bad totals to target. Vegas takes pace of play, offensive and defensive efficiency, injuries, and scheduling, into consideration for these totals. This helps you pinpoint exactly where to find the offense on a single slate.

Team Totals

Any total in green is a game to really exploit for fantasy points. This team either has a great matchup, is playing in an up-tempo game, or both. The quicker the pace, the more opportunity for fantasy production. This is reflected in the team total. A total in yellow is rated as an average game to target for fantasy production. These games are acceptable to grab a player or two from, especially if you are looking to be contrarian. The red games are pretty much an easy avoid. They feature slow pace teams and bad matchups. You can skip these games altogether, or maybe you can find one diamond in the rough.


Minutes are key, and possible blowouts have an effect on starting player's minutes. Golden State is notorious for blowing teams out at home, and sometimes Stephen Curry doesn't play the fourth quarter. This limits player's floors and ceilings, making them risky plays. Keep an eye out for double-digit spreads, as they have been known to disappoint the daily fantasy world.