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FanDuel Promo Code - Verified Highest Offer


Best FanDuel April Bonus for Daily Fantasy & Sportsbook (New Jersey Only)

FanDuel has one of the most rewarding promo offers in the daily fantasy industry and FanDuel Sportsbook (NJ Only). For daily fantasy play, you will receive $5 free cash to play on FanDuel when you make a deposit! For Sportsbook players, you will receive a risk free bet up to $500. If you lose the bet, FanDuel credits your account of your betslip within 72 hours. This is an exclusive FanDuel promo offer for Daily Fantasy Cafe visitors that has been verified by FanDuel staff.

You've likely heard a Radio promotion or seen a FanDuel commercial on TV in the past offering a deposit offer. This offer Our deposit offer is the same as you've seen on TV and heard on the radio. No code required! In the past, FanDuel has been at the forefront of the most innovative promos in daily fantasy sports. We've never seen an offer where you can play a game and win real money. No other daily fantasy site offers a change to win $1 million dollars just for making a deposit! Using our promo and taking advantage of this limited time offer is easy. All you have to do is click through one of our banners or links on this page and make a deposit. You only get this bonus once, so make it count. This is the highest bonus available in 2019, the same as the FanDuel Radio and TV promos.

New Jersey Only!

Win $1 Million

2019 April Daily Fantasy Bonus Promo Code Details

Once you make your first deposit of $5 or more, you will automatically receive two free entries. No fanduel promo code is necessary to take advantage of the best FanDuel promotion available. It says a lot about a daily fantasy site to back up their product with a guarantee. FD is so confident that you'll enjoy the site that they're giving you 2 free contest entries. So, make a deposit and you have a chance at becoming a millionaire!

FanDuel Promo Code

Daily Fantasy Promo Details

Current Promo Offer 1. Register a new user account.
2. Get $5 with your first deposit on
3. Play any cash game with your free $5
Promo code Requirements You must not have an existing account and be at least 18 yrs old.
Expiration Date The $5 free bonus offer does not have a current expiration date.
Withdrawal terms
Withdrawals will be available under the same terms as all funds in player's account. Deposited funds must be entered into contest
Free Daily Fantasy Contest Promotion Free daily MLB contests where you can win up to $1,000 daily. It's called the Home Run Challenge and only Home Runs count.

FanDuel Promo Code - Verified Highest Offer

FanDuel Sportsbook FAQ

Q: Can I play on FanDuel Sportsbook?

A: You can if you live in New Jersey. Currently, FanDuel is only launched in NJ.

Q: Is there a mobile gambling app?

A: Yes, the sportsbook is available in IOS & Android as well as a website.

Q: I live in Atlantic City, is there a land based FD Sportsbook?

A: Yes, FanDuel partnered with IGT Partners which operates the Borgata. The FanDuel sportsbook is available at the Borgata.

Q: Do Payouts take a long time?

A: If you select a check, you'll receive your check within 7 days. You can also be paid out at the cage in the physical sprotsbook if you happen to be in the Atlantic City area.

Q: When Will FanDuel Sportsbook be available in my state?

A: At this point, states are moving pretty quickly to enact legislation to make sports betting legal. Once they do, FanDuel Sportsbook can partner with a land based casino and provide a Sportsbook. Timing is impossible to predict, but a number of states are moving faster than others. Stay on top of the most recent state laws and hopefully your state is coming soon.

Claim Free $500 Bet on FanDuel Sportsbook!

FanDuel NJ Sportsbook Launch

The first part of FanDuel's Sportsbook launch on September 6 was the website itself. Once the quarter century federal ban on sports betting was lifted, FanDuel activated their website for the first state on board. If you're located in New Jersey, you are able to make legal wagers on NFL, NBA and MLB games. There are other types of sports bets available as well. First time accounts can earn up to as much as a $500 matching deposit.

What this means is, you can essentially wager on games with house money. The website makes it simple to register for an account, make deposits and withdrawals, plus post and track all your favorite bets. You can bet the standard way using pregame odds, or add a really intense level of excitement with FanDuel's live in-play betting. FanDuel does an excellent job of updating scores and changing in-play odds on both the website and the mobile app.

New Jersey Only!

Win $1 Million

FanDuel Sportsbook (New Jersey Only) & Daily Fantasy Promotions (Nationwide)

FanDuel offers various promotions depending on the time year. However, no promotion offers more to new depositors than Daily Fantasy Cafe. There are various Championship events available such as the weekly fantasy football and basketball tournaments. Tournaments vary in cost from free to $1,000; if you win a qualifier, you can tickets to larger tournaments and even receive a free to Vegas to play in the final game. In 2019, FanDuel offers a football tourney offering $5,000,000 in prizes. Imagine becoming a millionaire from fantasy football. Sounds insane, but it's a real possibility. There have been a number of promotions on ESPN TV and ESPN Radio.

FanDuel also offers a freeroll game that is available to anyone who makes a new deposit that week. It's a free fantasy game and you have the possibility of winning $5,000. FanDuel has a reward program available to all users. Users accrue reward points when money fantasy games are entered. You can then enter fantasy games using your points and win real cash. And now, FanDuel Sportsbook has launched in New Jersey! We provide the highest New Jersey promo offer for FanDuel Sportsbook. You may have seen other promo code bonuses for the Sportsbook, but none are higher than DFC. Click our banner below, sign up and see what it feels like to bet with free money!

More FanDuel Daily Fantasy Promotions

$5 Bonus When you Deposit - if you are new player and want to play daily fantasy on you can earn a $5 bonus in addition to the rest of the promotions. You must be 18 years or older and this must be your first account. Once you make the deposit, you'll see the credit in your account.

FanDuel Players Club - for every $1 you spend in real money entries, you earn 5 FanDuel Points (FDP). You can use these points to buy swag or enter more real money contests. It's FanDuel's version of a Rewards Program.

Refer a Friend - if you have friends that don't already have a FanDuel account, you can send them your unique sign up link. If they use your link to register, you will receive a $10 credit for every friend you refer.

FanDuel Players Club

Your favorite outlet for season-long and daily fantasy action adds excitement to participation with the development of the FanDuel Players Club. This promotional offering extends to all players on the site, allowing anyone to participate. The club operates on a point system, accruing points each time you participate in a contest on the site. Each dollar amount equates to a set number of points, which can be used to gain access to exclusive freeroll entries, weekly and monthly club matches, and other such releases to limited-time offers. Your club status is tiered based on how many points you accrue over a month. The monthly acquisition carries over to the next month. For example, if you gather points for the entire month of November, your player status and freeroll entries will be handed out over the course of January. FanDuel does not limit the contest types that are included within their freeroll space, citing all major sports as inclusion for this promotion. Below we'll dive into this product with additional details and help gain a better understanding of how this program works to the benefit of the user.

How to Earn Points

Each time you participate in a paid contest, you'll earn player points. For every dollar you spend, you gain 5 player points. Participating in high-end contests is the quickest way to accumulate points. These points expire after inactivity of one year's time. The user only must log in to their accounts and participate in any contest, free or paid, to keep their points from expiring. FanDuel also releases occasions of point increases. For example, point multiplier events are created to help you climb tiers quickly. Be on the lookout for these contests as they are often limited-time promotional gigs that keep you playing along.

Tier Breakdown

Each point status is broken down into 10 tiers. The smallest tier, Free Agent, is achieved by accumulating 50 FDP each month. The user gains access to a $250 monthly free play and a $50 weekly free play when reaching this status. The highest status, GOAT, is achieved by reaching 2,500,000 FDP over the course of a month. Reaching this level carries a $25,000 free play contest and $250 in account credits that can be used at a FanDuel Finals event. The best part about point accumulation is that you gain access to the prescribed contests for each level you reach. For example, reaching the 4th tier of Prospect status gains you access to all the perks at the 3 tiers below you along with Prospect status perks. Climbing the ranks is the quickest way to gain free contest entries and account credits.

Enter Contests & Buy Swag with FanDuel Points

The points that the user gains can also be used to claim entries into contests or free FanDuel swag. Each contest has a point designation for crossover from a paid entry. For example, a $1 contest will hold a sidebar that let's you enter the contest via use of FDP points. Simply click on the exchange button and you will locate the number of points it takes to equate to this $1 entry fee. FanDuel also offers a store that is filled with exclusive swag. Fan gear, tickets to FanDuel contests, and live sporting event tickets makeup the majority of offers located within this store.

Fanduel Players Club FAQ

Q: Do my points expire?

A: Points expire in one year from accrual if the user remains inactive. Simply log in and participate in at least one freeroll or paid contest to keep your points from timing out.

Q: Is there a limit to how many points that can be accumulated over a month?

A: There is no limit to point accrual. Shoot for the stars and compete with the best as you strive to reach the ultimate status of 2,500,000 FDP.

Q: Are the freeroll contests competitive?

A: As the user climbs tiers, they gain access to additional freeroll contests. Users that set out on a path to accumulate a high number of monthly points will distance themselves at the higher tiers because there will be less competition to take down or go against. For example, the payouts near the top tiers will be more favorable due to the limited number of participants that will reach these levels.

Q: How often are point multiplier events released?

A: FanDuel usually adds a points multiplier weekend at least once per month. Double and triple offerings help the user climb the ranks quickly, gaining access to exclusive contests.

Q: What are some additional ways to earn points?

A: Most of the sponsored freerolls come with some sort of point intrigue. On some occasions, winnings are replaced by point increase rather than monetary increases. The user can earn points by placing in these freerolls, adding another variable for ways a user can earn points quickly.

FanDuel Daily Fantasy FAQ

Q: What is FanDuel?

A: FanDuel is one of the leading Daily Fantasy Sports websites allowing users to play free and paid cash games. If your state allows it, you can play for real cash. FanDuel is now the proud creator of FanDuel Sportsbook mobile app available in New Jersey!

Q: What is FanDuel's Daily Fantasy Promo Offer in 2019?

A: If you play $5, you receive $5 in bonus cash to play real money games

Q: Do I need a bonus code for FanDuel?

A: No. Just click on any of our banners or links and you will automatically receive the bonus offer.

Q: How do you enter a promo code on

A: You no longer have to enter a promo code on All bonus offers are provided in the form of free contest tickets, which you receive by clicking on our links.

Q: Why Does Every Website Say they have the "best fanduel promo code" if you don't need one?

A: Throughout Fanduel's history, promo codes have been used to provide users with the best sign up offers or bonuses. Promo codes are used to track various promotions and sign ups. It's the terminology, we've been using for years and what has become standard in daily fantasy.

Q: How will I receive my bonus cash?

A: Once you play $5, you will automatically be credited the bonus cash. If you play less, you will not receive any bonus offer.

Q: Are FanDuel Points (FDP) valuable?

A: Yes, you can use FanDuel points to play in free contests or Freerolls. Winning a freeroll can lead to further free tickets or winning money. You will gain 10 FanDuel points for every $1 you spend in entry fees.

Q: Where is FanDuel based?

A: FanDuel has a number of offices, with headquarters in New York City and Edinburgh, Scotland.

Q: How do I make a withdrawal from my FanDuel account?

A: Click on your “My Account" icon to the left of your balance and click the link Withdraw. You can withdraw via PayPal or Check.

Q: Does this Promo work on FanDuel Sportsbook as well?

A: No, FanDuel Sportsbook has separate promotions and codes you can find above.


FanDuel Promo Code - Verified Highest Offer

FanDuel Promo Code - Verified Highest Offer by Jared


FanDuel Promo Code - Verified Highest Offer by Jared

Not the largest bonus amount, but you're going to play on FD, so happy they provide it.

FanDuel Promo Code - Verified Highest Offer by Bradley


FanDuel Promo Code - Verified Highest Offer by Bradley

Better than nothing, but certainly not the highest bonus. Don't really like the drip bonus dollars method..takes too long to get the money!

FanDuel Promo Code - Verified Highest Offer by Russ


FanDuel Promo Code - Verified Highest Offer by Russ

No other site offers free entries like Fanduel. I think it's a nice bonus offer.

FanDuel Promo Code - Verified Highest Offer by Jenn


FanDuel Promo Code - Verified Highest Offer by Jenn

I received the free tickets, but don't understand what a 50/50 contest is. Where do I find information on how to play these games? If I can't understand the games, I am not going to play.

FanDuel Promo Code - Verified Highest Offer by Gaylon


FanDuel Promo Code - Verified Highest Offer by Gaylon

I think it's cool that Fan duel backs up their product with a money back guarantee. Looks like there were better codes in the past, but this one looks good to me

FanDuel Promo Code - Verified Highest Offer by jackson


FanDuel Promo Code - Verified Highest Offer by jackson

I'll take it. Time to win some money, wish me luck!!!!

FanDuel Promo Code - Verified Highest Offer by Alex


FanDuel Promo Code - Verified Highest Offer by Alex

At this point, I just want a site I can trust that will give me my money when I want to withdrawal. For this alone, I'll give FD 5 Stars.

FanDuel Promo Code - Verified Highest Offer by Jude


FanDuel Promo Code - Verified Highest Offer by Jude

New to the game and appreciate the offer!

FanDuel Promo Code - Verified Highest Offer by Britt


FanDuel Promo Code - Verified Highest Offer by Britt

I like Fanduel more than Draftkings. The website is nicer, the games are more fun and I feel like I actually have a chance.

FanDuel Promo Code - Verified Highest Offer by Leroy


FanDuel Promo Code - Verified Highest Offer by Leroy

I can't get mad at $20 free, but hoping they have better offers on the sportsbook..can't wait!