Daily Academy

Daily Academy is the ultimate training course for transitioning from season long to daily fantasy sports. If you’re a season long player and new to the daily fantasy game, start with the Undergraduate course. If you have experience and want to polish your game and learn some advanced techniques, jump to the Graduate or PhD course. Daily Academy is daily fantasy training for students of the game. Don’t start playing without the essentials learned in the courses below.

Over the next month we will be building out the Academy to help you train by working your way through Undergraduate, Graduate and PhD level daily fantasy training courses.

Daily Academy Advantage

Daily Academy

  • Accurate Experts
  • Your schedule
  • Takes hours
  • It's free
  • Chicks dig the Daily Academy


  • Tenured Quacks
  • Geology at 6am
  • Takes 4 years
  • Costs $60,000
  • Chicks don't dig RA's

Train by Sport

Train by Experience

Train with Experts