NFL Vegas Line Movement

Tracking Vegas line movement and totals for both game and team can be truly beneficial for fantasy performance. The higher the point total, the more fantasy points are available to be scored. Vegas totals get more and more accurate throughout the week, so if you see a total rising all week, that's a game you want to make sure to own some players from. However, if a total is falling throughout the week, it's likely one you'll want to avoid. Vegas totals still need to be combined with projections and news to be effective, but this tool allows you to gather the Vegas information you need in a timely and efficient way.

Individual Games

This will break down each game into a graph of three lines. Game total, home team total and away team total. This will track each of those plot points every 12 hours for the entire week, so you can see how each line is moving. Lines move due to money bet and handicapping from the sources, but of which are great indicators or accuracy. Some lines will move greatly throughout the week, while some will stay pretty consistent. More movement comes later in the season as injuries and lineup changes become more prevelant.

Line Movement Tracking

On the Daily Fantasy Cafe line movement tool, we track not only the game total, but both team totals Color coding them makes it much easier to read, but you can also uncheck the boxes for game total or either team total to get an easier to read picture of how any one of those lines is moving recently. We pull these totals every 12 hours and calculate the team totals algorithmically from what Vegas is providing.