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MLB lineups are a crucial aspect of creating daily fantasy baseball lineups. We are always looking for those value bats that sneak up in the order on any given day, or are on the watch for days off. While we have no control over when they come in from teams, we do control having them easily accessible for your needs. Our MLB Lineups Tool has combined the aspect of presenting lineups, as well as sorting through them. You can view only left-handed-bats if you please, or filter strictly by position, only viewing shortstops for example. This offers an easy way to find your value plays, instead of having to shift your eyes through a dozen lineups. To take it one step further, our lineup tool has the ability to filter by salary. If you want to see just players in the lineup that are between $3,000 and $3,500, you can do so with a click and a slide of the filter. We are generally on the lookout for hitters in spots one through six in the order, which is easier to find when filtering by position, salary, or handedness.

We also implement our "Cafe Value" feature in the lineup tool, so you can filter where to get the most bang for your buck, as well has filter out high priced bats who may not be worth it on the given slate. The “Cafe Value” feature is the same value system used in our MLB Stack Generator, and Lineup Optimizer. Park factor, advanced stats, matchups, Vegas lines, and lineup order are all factored into the value system. Then you can filter between low value, average value, and high value. This takes the complication of flipping between tabs, and puts all the information in once place.

Unlike other sports, baseball games have the chance of being cancelled, which can lead to zeros from players. Under each game you will find updated weather info from Wunderground which will guide you to those warning games. The wind is also included, giving you a chance to pull ahead of your opponents by taking advantage of heavy winds blowing in or out of the stadium. Vegas lines and totals are presented clearly for your using, to pick those high totals for offense, or low totals for pitching targets.

Our MLB lineup tools page is one of the few you will need open when creating daily fantasy baseball lineups. A highly functional filter system that sorts by salary, handedness, and Cafe Value is all at your fingertips. We provide a clean interface that presents weather, lineup order, and Vegas lines. So when you are looking for that cheap catcher with home run pop, and a good lineup spot, just filter through and pick your player.

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