NFL Vegas Point Totals

This is your one-stop vegas totals tool to get you started in your weekly research. We list all weekly games, so you can quickly note the highest scoring players and teams. The totals are color coded in green, yellow and red based on type. If a game or team is in a great spot, it will be green. If it's in an average spot, it will be yellow and if it's in a bad spot, it will be red. These colors are based on league averages from last season.

Advanced Totals Targeting

Our color-coding makes it quick and easy to find the high and low point totals for the week. These are strategically based on league averages from the past few seasons. The average NFL game total is just a hair under 45 points over that span. We start considering games "avoids" and marking them red once they get to 41 points or below, while we start considering them "targets" and marking them in green when they exceed the 46 points plateau.

Matchup Factors

Using this tool, you'll be able to target teams expected by Vegas to be playing up in pace and efficicncy. Comparing a teams projected total to their season average will give you a good estimate of if that team is going to be scoring more fantasy points than they do on average and you'll want to target players on that team. The opposite goes for teams projected for less than then their season average.