Sleeper DFS Promo Code - $100 Welcome Bonus 2024

Sleeper DFS is a daily fantasy sports app that offers pick’em contests with payouts as high as 100x the entry fee. It’s owned by Sleeper Fantasy, a site known for its traditional fantasy leagues and mock drafts. New depositors at Sleeper DFS receive a 100% bonus of up to $100 when they use the Sleeper promo code DFCBONUS when depositing $10 or more.

The app offers pre-game and in-game picks contests. Each contest features players from NBA, NFL, MLB, and college sports. Sleeper DFS sets projections for those athletes’ stats. Customers decide whether the player’s results will be higher or lower than the projection. Each contest features 2-8 athletes. If you correctly predict each player’s results, you can win up to 100x your entry fee.

Sleeper DFS has dynamic payouts on picks contests, so even two-player and three-player contests can have payouts much larger than the entry fee. The site also has a Pick on Sale bonus—a first-bet promotion that gives players an easy win when they make a $20 bet. The Sleeper Fantasy app offers on-site news and research tools, so you never have to leave the app to make informed picks.

Customers can deposit and withdraw using credit and debit cards, so all users should find a banking method they use daily. Twenty-two state regulators have licensed Sleeper Picks, and four million people have tried the game, making it one of America's fastest-growing fantasy sports networks.

Why sign up with Sleeper DFS?

  • $100 Welcome Bonus: The first deposit matches up to $100 when you use the promo code DFCBONUS.
  • Simplified Play: Simple daily fantasy sports where you pick whether a player’s stats will go higher or lower than the projection.
  • 100x Prizes: Payouts as high as 100x the entry fee is higher than at most pick’em DFS sites.
  • Pick on Sale Bonus: Make a first bet of $20 to receive odds on a 99% off promotion.

Sleeper DFS bonus details for July 2024

Sleeper DFS promo code DFCBONUS
Sign-up bonus info First deposit match up to $100. 1x wagering requirement, 30-day expiration, $10 minimum bet requirement. Use the DFCBONUS promo code to activate it.
Minimum Deposit $10
Deposit options Discover, Visa, Apple Pay, Instant Bank Transfer
Promotions? Pick on Sale: First bet promotion with a $20 entry fee on your first contest. Projections are 1% of their normal value, making it an easy win.
Last Updated July 2024

What you need to know about the Sleeper DFS welcome bonus

First-time players who deposit $10 or more receive a 100% match bonus of up to $100 with the Sleeper promo code DFCBONUS. This means that if you make a $100 deposit, you’ll receive an additional $100. Max out the offer and play with a $200 bankroll.

The offer has a 1x wagering requirement, so you can withdraw your winnings once you have laid the $100 down as an entry fee. The bonus has a 30-day expiration.

How does Sleeper DFS work?

Sleeper DFS is a daily fantasy sports app that allows betting on pick'em contests. When you open the mobile site, you'll see top athletes from the NFL, MLB, NBA, and college sports. Each player has stat projections assigned to them by Sleeper Fantasy. Choose whether the player's game stats will be higher or lower than the projections to win money.

Each contest includes picks on two or more players. The more players in a contest, the higher the payout when you win. Picks contests work like parlay bets, so you must guess correctly on all players in the contest to be paid. Payouts are dynamic, so different two-player contests, for example, will have different payouts. The highest possible payout is 100x the entry fee.

Sleeper DFS designed its game to be simple for mobile users. Click up or down to make a pick. Customers do not build a starting lineup. They don't use a salary cap. They don't have to beat a group of other customers. Instead, they simply guess whether a player's statistics will exceed the projection.

NFL players' projections, for instance, are based on passing, receiving, and rushing yards. NBA players' stats are based on points, rebounds, assists, and 3-point shots. Each sport works similarly.

Is Sleeper DFS legal?

Yes. Twenty-two US state regulators have licensed Sleeper DFS for play in their jurisdictions. So has the Office of Lottery and Gaming (OLG) in Washington DC.

In all, customers can play at Sleeper Picks legally in the following jurisdictions:

  • Alaska
  • Arkansas
  • California
  • Georgia
  • Illinois
  • Indiana
  • Kentucky
  • Minnesota
  • Nebraska
  • New Mexico
  • North Carolina
  • North Dakota
  • Oklahoma
  • Oregon
  • Rhode Island
  • South Carolina
  • South Dakota
  • Texas
  • Utah
  • Vermont
  • Virginia
  • Washington DC
  • Wisconsin

We should add that you can play the Sleeper PicksVS mode in Kansas, Massachusetts, West Virginia, and Wyoming. In this style of play, you’re making over/under picks against your fellow competitors, not the house. These states do not allow the standard picks mode.

Signing up at Sleeper DFS

While people can log in to Sleeper Fantasy using a desktop or mobile device, customers must use a mobile device for Sleeper DFS. Downloading and installing the app requires one or two steps.

  1. Visit the website. Scan the QR code to download the app.
  2. Otherwise, click a link on the homepage to visit the Play Store or App Store. Download the "Sleeper Fantasy" app on either site.
  3. On the App Store, click the "Install" button. Use fingerprint or facial recognition to start the installation.
  4. On the Play Store, click the "Get" button to start the installation process.
  5. Once the icon appears on your phone's desktop, click the icon. Swipe the prompt to sign up.
  6. The app will ask if you prefer to sign up using an email address or mobile phone number.
  7. The email address requires name and address information. The phone number requires no additional information.
  8. Use the Sleeper promo code DFCBONUS and deposit $10 or more to receive the 100% match bonus.
  9. Make a $20 bet to receive the "Pick on Sale" first bet offer. It's a two-player contest where the projections are 1% of what they normally are, giving you an easy first win.

Can you win money at Sleeper DFS?

Yes. Pick “higher” or “lower” on the athlete’s projected stats to win real money. Picks contests involve two or more players. You’ll make over/under picks on each player. You win money if you guess correctly on all players involved in the contest.

The highest payout on Sleeper DFS is 100x of the entry fee. The picks contests have a dynamic payout system, so the payouts vary based on individual player projections. Thus, a two-player payout might be 2.85x or 3.25x the entry fee, depending on the projected difficulty level.

Payouts change quickly in the in-game mode due to updates on player projections. Three-player entries might have a 2x or 35x payout, though the average is 10x or less.

What’s great about Sleeper DFS?

  • 100% Welcome Bonus: The match bonus of up to $100 for those who use the Sleeper promo code DFCBONUS is excellent.
  • Fast Withdrawals: Get payouts to your Discover, Visa, or bank account within 24 hours.
  • Squad Gaming: The picks contests have a Squad mode that lets users interact with friends during DFS contests.
  • Pick on Sale Promotions: Bet $20 to activate a one-time promotion with 99% off a player's projection, giving you an easy first winning bet.
  • Contests Starting at 75 Cents: Beginner and intermediate players can enter many contests between 75 cents and 99 cents.

What’s missing from Sleeper DFS?

  • More Sports: The only options are MLB, NBA, NFL, college sports, and League of Legends.
  • More Payment Methods: Sleeper DFS should also add Mastercard and American Express transactions.
  • Update the Android App: The Android app still has glitches at times.

How do deposits and withdrawals work at Sleeper DFS?

Users can deposit using credit cards or debit cards at Sleeper DFS. Only two major credit cards, Visa and Discover, currently work on the site. Mastercard and Amex are not available. Apple Pay is an option for deposits but not withdrawals. Instant bank transfers are available for both.

Deposit Options:

  • Visa
  • Discover
  • Bank transfers
  • Apple Pay

Withdrawal Options:

  • Visa
  • Discover
  • Bank transfers

Again, people can deposit and withdraw using credit cards or debit cards issued by Visa or Discover. Payouts arrive within 24 hours. Many App Store and Play Store reviewers point out that Sleeper DFS’s payouts arrive quicker than most competitors’ payments.

Can I play at Sleeper DFS for free?

No. You cannot play the Sleeper DFS pick’em contests for free. Users can play traditional fantasy sports on the Sleeper Fantasy app for free. The free contests are for traditional fantasy sports, including NFL, NBA, MLB, League of Legends, and college sports contests. Sleeper Fantasy also has advanced mock draft tools that receive high reviews. Sleeper DFS is a real money game, though.

Sleeper DFS overview

The Sleeper Picks contests give users a simple way to make pre-game and in-game daily fantasy sports picks. Customers don’t have to fill out a starting lineup or use a salary cap, so live in-play gaming is more feasible. Many users will like the dynamic payouts because they reward those who make quick decisions.

Among the pick’em daily fantasy sports sites, Sleeper DFS combines the biggest payouts with odds as good as any competitor. Those who prefer traditional fantasy sports contests will prefer DraftKings or FanDuel. The Sleeper Fantasy app should be a favorite if you like pick 'em contests.

Finally, don’t forget the Sleeper DFS welcome bonus. Deposit $10 or more and use the Sleeper DFS promo code DFCBONUS to collect a 100% match bonus of up to $100. It’s currently among the best welcome bonuses in daily fantasy sports.

Sleeper DFS is legal in approximately half of the United States. It has good odds, big payouts, several interesting promotions, and an attractive welcome bonus. Put it together and Sleeper DFS is a worthy addition to the daily fantasy sports industry.

Sleeper DFS Fantasy FAQ

Does Sleeper DFS have a first deposit match bonus?

Yes. Customers should use the Sleeper promo code DFCBONUS to receive the first deposit match bonus. It’s a 100% offer up to $100. Users who make a $10 deposit would receive a $10 bonus, while those who make a $100 bonus receive the maximum $100 bonus. Remember to use the promo code when you make your first deposit of $10 or more.

What’s the minimum age to enter Sleeper DFS’ paid contests?

To sign up and download the Sleeper Fantasy app, you’ll need to be 18 or older. In most participating states, you’ll need to be 18 or older. If you play in Nebraska, you must be 19 or older. Those in Massachusetts must be 21 or older.

Can I win real money while playing at Sleeper DFS?

Yes. Customers pay real money to enter contests. They'll win real prize money when they guess correctly in those contests. Sleeper DFS supports deposits with Discover Card, Visa, Apple Pay, and bank transfers. When you want to withdraw winnings, payment comes to your Discover, Visa, or bank account. Payouts arrive within 24 hours.

What type of DFS contests can I enter using the Sleeper Fantasy app?

Sleeper DFS uses “Picks” contests, their name for pick’em contests. When you visit the site, you’ll see a square with a player’s name, face, and projection. To play, you click on whether the player’s stats will be higher or lower than the projection.

Each contest requires that a user guesses two or more players correctly. Those who get the picks correctly win money.

Is Sleeper DFS licensed and legitimate?

Yes. Sleeper DFS is licensed and legal in approximately two dozen US states. People can play Sleeper Picks contests in Alaska, Arkansas, California, Georgia, Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, Minnesota, Nebraska, New Mexico, North Carolina, North Dakota, Oklahoma, Oregon, Rhode Island, South Carolina, South Dakota, Texas, Utah, Vermont, Virginia, Washington DC, and Wisconsin.

Meanwhile, you can play pick’em contests against other users (not the house) in Kansas, Massachusetts, West Virginia, and Wyoming.

Is Sleeper DFS better than older sites like DraftKings and FanDuel?

If you prefer pick’em contests, Sleeper DFS is better than DraftKings and FanDuel. If you prefer traditional daily fantasy sports with starting lineups, you’ll prefer FanDuel and DraftKings.

Sleeper DFS has better odds than most pick’em contests. It also has first-deposit and first-bet promotions that rival those at traditional sites. Sleeper DFS should add Mastercard and Amex payments to compete, but otherwise, it stacks up. Ultimately, it’s a matter of player preference.

What other sportsbook and DFS sites have you reviewed?

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Sleeper DFS Promo Code - $100 Welcome Bonus 2024