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We are the home to some of the brightest daily fantasy minds for NBA, MLB and NFL. We have experience playing daily games, winning in daily games, and some of us are making a living playing. In addition to winning regularly in daily games, we understand how to present our strategy in writing that new gamers and savvy gamers alike can appreciate.

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We are looking for fellow experienced gamers who understand what statistics are important in NBA, MLB and NFL for projecting future performance. Being able to separate the non-sense stats from the meaningful ones is imperative to accurately guiding our readers to winning themselves. Our preference is to find those who have writing experience looking to write on a larger platform.

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Writing for the Daily Fantasy Cafe will allow you to interact with the others on the team pouring their heart into their work. It's a great community of folks who love daily fantasy sports and want to help one another improve. The Daily Fantasy Cafe will also give you an audience of passionate daily gamers to communicate with through your writing. You will have the opportunity to put your work in front of hundreds of thousands of readers.


We work on a trial basis with most writers to gauge your work. If you have prior experience and a daily fantasy resume, there may be opportunity for paid positions.

If you don't have prior writing experience or a daily fantasy success track record, the best avenue to potentially get content featured on our site is to Register an account and start writing interesting personal blog posts. We review these blog posts and as other users vote up your content and comment, your work will be noticed.

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