We hit a milestone of 50 days left until the start of the 2015 NFL season, and our fantasy experts are ready help you cash big this season. FanDuel has already rolled out their week one tournaments and salaries. 2015 looks to be the biggest season of daily fantasy football yet, with FanDuel getting in on the million dollar first prize payouts. This has jumpstarted excitement around the industry, and that is no different here at Daily Fantasy Cafe. With just a little over a month remaining, our analysts are already in full swing preparing to bring the best analysis in the industry. We are launching plenty of tools and articles to help you succeed in daily fantasy football this season, including our advanced FanDuel specific cheat sheets. Our analysts will be providing clearcut content that is easy to digest, without cutting out data to do so.

Interactive Cheat Sheets

If you are not familiar with “cheat sheets" this is the section for you. Daily fantasy football takes its fair share of studying, especially if you want to be in the green come the end of the season. Not everyone has the time for studying, or is a diehard fantasy player to put in the hours each week. A cheat sheet has all the content you need to build a lineup, without sacrificing major time to do so. We even have some added tools, like player stacking and a lineup optimizer to work with our cheat sheets. As a whole, our cheat sheets have stats, player analysis, projections, tiers, and quick tip icons to help you out. If you have been with us during the baseball season, our interactive tools and cheat sheets will be here come week one of the football season.

Player Tiers

Not all football players are created equal, which is why we rank players in tiers so you can easily gauge who are your elite plays, above average plays, and average plays. For example, Aaron Rodgers is your cream of the crop tier one quarterback, while his opponent Matthew Stafford ranks as a tier two option. Teddy Bridgewater on Monday Night Football, comes in as a tier three guy behind those two. We will just say Jay Cutler is on a bye week. While the tiers are included everywhere on the sheet with the mentioned player, you can also view all the options in their tiers on one page. If you are brushing through your running backs, you can easily see the top and bottom options at the position. The tiers and players are all determined by our proven analysts, who are working throughout the week.

Advanced Stats & Vegas Lines

Everything is broken down by position in our cheat sheets, including the stats that correlate with the specific position. Each position has the standard stats like, yards per game and touchdowns per game, but then we go further in depth. The quarterback tab has sortable attempts per game, drop-backs per game, and fantasy points per drop-back. These stats help breakdown efficient quarterbacks, as well as quarterbacks who are involved in a heavy passing offense. The more we narrow down to further statistics, the more edge you have on your opponents. Running backs features stats like touches per game, fantasy points per snap, and snap count percentage. We like to look for backs who get an abundance of touches, both on the ground, and in the passing game. Touches per game helps us find those heavy workload running backs. Another important factor is how often those backs are on the field, and that is where snap percentage comes in. We look to see who is on the field the most, which gives you a leg up when determining between those cluttered backfields. You will also find snap percentages for wide receivers and tight ends as well. When looking at a receiving core targets are everything. We know Dez Bryant will be the top target each game for Dallas, but who's next? The sortable targets per game stat can help narrow down those wideouts and tight ends who are not the go-to guys for their quarterback. FanDuel has the kicker spot still listed this season, and we have opponent's yards/FG allowed to help narrow down kicking options. Lastly, our defense tab has yards allowed, turnovers per game, and touchdowns per game.

Vegas totals and lines are very important for daily fantasy football. Totals can help us determine where to find our offensive weapons, as well as our choice of defense. Those shootouts with an over/under of 48.5 will be fun games to get action in. The money lines are also very important, because blowouts could possibly mean an offense taking their foot off the gas. We saw this play a factor with Green Bay a few times last season. Our cheat sheets have updating Vegas numbers coming in next to the players. This keeps you from going tab to tab in your browser.

Projections & Cafe Value

With Vegas lines and stats out of the way, we can get to our projections. Our projection system is an advanced algorithm that takes matchups, Vegas numbers, and stats to project a player's worth that week. This can guide you to a target score for the week, and help get the most bang for your buck at each position. Our system also allows you to edit the projections. If you believe Adrian Peterson will punch in that extra touchdown and score more than projected, go ahead and edit it in. The extra six points can help when planning your target score. We also feature a “Cafe Value" score to help give a sense of value based on the player's salary. The higher the cafe value number, the better value that player has for his salary.

Top Stacking Options

Our cheat sheets are not all numbers, and sortable stats, the Daily Fantasy Cafe analysts have taken hours of study time to give an input on each player listed. This puts you into the mind of our cheat sheet creators each week to see what they are thinking about each matchup. Not only are we providing info on individuals, we are looking at possible stacking options each week. Pairing up a quarterback and a wide receiver on the same team is something people can relate to in season long fantasy football. One touchdown, double the points. Our analysts will dive into the high scoring games, and look for a combination of players to maximize your lineup's points. There will be a “top stacks" tab to give you quick and easy access.

Quick Tip Icons

The Daily Fantasy Cafe cheat sheets are advanced, but have an interactive and easy approach for navigating through them. With all of our advanced data, you will not feel overwhelmed. The quick tip symbols serve as a key to why we like certain players, or in what style contests to use them. The symbols include, weak passing/rushing defense, favorable spread, favorable over/under, injury replacement, value play, hot player, GPP play, and injury risk. These quick tip symbols will go hand-in-hand with our analysis, which will give a further explanation of the symbols.

Have A Successful Football Season With Us

Our experts have grossed over $5 million in daily fantasy sports, and this is their full time job and passion. With FanDuel already laying out a week one $25 entry tournament, where first place takes home $1,000,000, we are itching for the start of the season to help you out. The advanced-sortable stats, easy layout, projection system, and top analysis in our cheat sheets, will help you get a great return on investment from playing daily fantasy football this season.

I have purchased premium for all sports. Where is football info ie; start of 2018 season, possible dis tournament info for tonight’s game phi vs alt am I missing something