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Player - Section for Player data
Name - Player name.
Pos - Player position, color coded from best to worst Green to Red.
Salary- Player salary
Type - Designates a player as a Cash or GPP palyer. Color coded from best to worst Green to Red.
Exposure - Exposure on an unlocked player is the maximum % the player will appear in generated lineups. Exposure % on a locked player is absolute % the player will appear in generated lineups. If Exposure is turned On and player is locked, Exposure % will default to 0%. If On, manually adjust Exposure % on Locked players before generating lineups.
Global Exposure - Set the same exposure % to all players. Creates diversified lineups. IE - if you set Global Player Exposure to 10%, all players will appear in 10% or less of the number of lineups generated. Once turned on, this setting will default to 25%. The lower you set this %, the less optimal generated lineups will be when generating large number of lineups.
Points/$1K - Filter by the projected Fantasy Points per $1,000 of player salary.
CV - head: Cafe Value, text: Takes into account a player's salary, projection and site postion requirements to give you a comparable value among all players.
Minutes - Player's projected minutes
Projection - Projection for each player as designated by the Projections you've selected in the Projections drop down option.

Games - Section for Game data
Teams - Teams playing in the player's game.
Spread - Vegas spread for the team of the player.
Total - Vegas Over/Under point total for the player's team.
O/U - Vegas Over/Under point total for the game
Theory - A prediciton of game-flow based off Vegas.

Opponent - Section of Opponent data
DvP - Defense vs. Position
FPPG Allowed - Fantasy points per game allowed to player's position

Usage Rate - percentage of team plays used while player is on the floor
FPPM - Fantasy points per minute
FG% - field goal percentage
Floor L10 - A player's average floor over the last ten games.
Ceiling L10 - A player's average ceiling over the last ten games.
Consistency - A percentage showing the amount of times a player hits their projection over last eight games.

Research Section
Eff Rating - a per minute rating of player's performance
Points/Game - average player points per game
Assists/Game - average player assists per game
Rebounds/Game - average player rebounds per game
Steals/Game - average player steals per game
Blocks/Game - average player blocks per game
Team Pace - number of possessions per 48 minutes

Vegas Team Total - The amount of points Vegas is setting for betters to go over or under. In DFS, this is a solid estimate for how many points a team will score come the end of the night.

Fantasy Points Per Minute - The amount of fantasy points a player is scoring per minute on the court. This is a way of indicating how productive a player is.

Defensive Efficiency Rating - The number of points a team allows per 100 opposing team possessions. If you are curious what the formula is. = 100*(Points Allowed/Possessions) We break this down by position in our lineup optimizer.

FPPG Allowed - Fantasy points per game allowed. This number shows how many fantasy points per game the opposing team is allowing on average to their position each night. This is to the entire position, not just the starters.

The Daily Fantasy Cafe NBA Lineup Optimizer allows you to create hundreds of optimal daily fantasy basketball lineups faster than you can imagine. Using Daily Fantasy Cafe projections, factors and values, this tool offers the ability to create up to 500 lineups in just seconds that will help separate yourself from the competition and make sure you aren't missing the players you need to win that night.

Daily Fantasy Cafe offers the ability to create the most optimal DraftKings and FanDuel daily fantasy basketball lineups using specially crafted filters that help you create the most optimal lineup. DFC offers filters for teams, vegas point totals, salaries and more that help narrow the field of players you want to choose from down to where you want it.

Use Daily Fantasy Cafe's one of a kind "exposure" technique to limit the amount of times you draft any one player. There is nothing worse than playing a player on 100% of your rosters only to have him perform poorly or injure himself in the early going. With the Daily Fantasy Cafe Lineup Optimizer, you can easily prevent that from happening. Simply choose the maximum exposure you want on any one player and he won't be on more lineups than that allows when you generate them.