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DraftKings Promo Code

Best DraftKings Promo Code February 2017

DraftKings offers one of the top promo code offers in the daily fantasy industry. DraftKings offers a Free Ticket Entry into a cash game on a first time deposit. Keep in mind, all daily fantasy site bonuses have different conditions. For DK, you must earn any bonus match provided by playing in real money games. There is no doubt you have seen a DraftKings commercial on TV offering a promo code. Our deposit code matches that offer and can only be used once. There is no bonus offer available that is better than you receive when clicking through our links. Our promotional code has been verified and confirmed by DraftKings as the highest. With some of the best game play and player action, you want to play on DK. There is no reason not to take advantage of a free chance at winning cash. Claiming your free ticket is easy, simply click any links or images on this page and you will be taken to our exclusive landing page where you are automatically provided with the highest offer available. Don't miss your chance to become a millionaire in 2017!

DraftKings Promo Code Details

As with all fantasy football cash leagues, payouts are based on the frequency of your play. In other words, the more cash games you play, the fast any free bonus money will be available to you. Your bonus balance that is pending is displayed to you in the My Account area.

As you play more cash (real money) games, your pending balance will decrease as it moves into your available balance for withdrawal. You cannot withdraw free bonus money that is in pending status. Bonus credits are released in $1 increments for each 100 FPPs (Frequent Player Points) you accrue in cash games. FPPs are generally not accrued in freeroll games. The number of FPPs earned vary based on each game.

Promo Code Details Daily Fantasy Cafe Exclusive Offer
Free Contest Ticket (No Code Required) Free Ticket Offer on $250,000 Contest
Free Ticket Requirements Deposit at least $5
Delay in Receiving Bonus None, it's immediate
Earn Frequent Player Points (FPPs) Earn FPPs by completing missions

Why You Must Use a DraftKings TV Promo Code

Some people fall into the trap of thinking, “I'm only going to play one game and if I win, I'll leave". These people don't use a promotional code and can never get a Free contest ticket again. Don't make this mistake. Using a promo code on your 1st deposit a no brainer! It's a free contest ticket and you only get this opportunity once. Make your first deposit count. You're bound to play more and if you don't, you can always withdraw your funds. Please don't be one of those guys and make a smart move.

DraftKings Promo Code

Q: What is DraftKings?

A: DraftKings is a websites enabling users to play Daily Fantasy Sports contests against other users. If legal in the state you live in, you can deposit money via credit card or Paypal. If you place “in the money", you can withdraw money via www.draftkings.com

Q: Where is DraftKings based?

A: DraftKings headquarters are in Boston, Massachusetts. DraftKings has offices in New York City as well.

Q: What is DraftKings Promo Code Offer in 2017?

A: If you deposit at least $5, you will receive one free contest ticket to potentially win real money.

Q: Do I need a bonus code for DraftKings?

A: No, you don't. Just click through on a banner or button and you will receive a free ticket to a cash game.

Q: How do I receive my free contest ticket?

A: Once you make an initial deposit of $5 or more, the free contest ticket will appear in your account.

Q: What is the Pending Bonus on DraftKings?

A: There is no longer a pending bonus on DraftKings. In the past, if you had a promotional offer for free bonus cash, your pending bonus would show much bonus was available if you played a certain volume of cash games.

Q: How do you enter a promo code on DraftKings?

A: DraftKings has done away with promo codes for Daily Fantasy Cafe users. They have made capturing your bonus easier than ever. Simply make a $5 or more deposit and you receive the offer.

DraftKings Promotions

Looking for a promo code you saw on TV? Aside from making the same offer as shown in DraftKings TV commercials, DK runs various promotions on a weekly basis. One of the more popular games is the Fantasy Football Millionaire contest. This contest has a guaranteed $3.1 million dollars in prizes. You'll be hard pressed to find a contest on any fantasy football site with a bigger cash prize pool. Depending on the sports in season, there are always various sport specific weekly contests with large prizes. As an example, during the Basketball season, there is a $150,000 guaranteed contest each week. Occasionally, there are fun promotions like a million dollar video challenge and step tournaments. The best way to stay abreast of the latest promotions is to visit the Promotions section on draftkings.com each week.

DraftKings Fantasy Hockey World Championship

The DraftKings Fantasy Hockey World Championship gives players the opportunity to compete to win a grand prize of $100,000.

The actual event will be held on March 18 in Miami, Florida and it will include NHL games on that day. The get there, players must either go through qualifiers (which costs between $4 to $2,000) or satellites (which costs between $0.25 to $300). Players can qualify up to three times before March 13.

The 40 players who qualify before the event will receive a four-night VIP experience in Miami that includes a ticket to the DraftKings Fantasy Hockey World Championship, hotel and additional money for airfare.

In addition to the $100,000 grand prize, another $300,000 will be distributed to the other 39 contestants who qualify at the event.

The DraftKings Fantasy Hockey World Championship will be considered one of the most elite events in fantasy hockey for 2017. Players will be competing against the best to see who is the champion.

DraftKings Fantasy Basketball World Championship

DraftKings Fantasy Basketball World Championship is offering die-hard basketball fans an opportunity to cash-in on one of the most exciting sports around today. This fantasy basketball tournament is being backed by four million dollars of guaranteed cold cash. Choosing your players wisely will put you in position to win the top prize of $500,000. You can enter the qualifier or the satellite tournament.

The Qualifier

For the qualifier, your $33 entry fee gives you an opportunity to win a ticket to play for your share of the $4 million prize in Miami, FL. Each winning package includes a Fantasy Basketball World Championship ticket and a four-night (March 15-19) trip to Miami. Cash ($1,000) will also be given for airfare and transfers.

The Satellite

The satellite will be a 69 player contest battling for $900 in prizes. The entry fee for the satellite is only $15. The top finishing positions will be awarded. If you finish in first place, you win a qualifier ticket to the tournament being held in Miami.

Draftkings MMA $100,000 Bracket Challenge

DraftKings is giving its users a chance to win a lot of money with their knowledge of mixed martial arts during the MMA $100,000 Bracket Challenge. Qualifying for this special contest began in November, and it will continue until there are 32 lucky participants. It costs as little as $33 to enter a qualifying tournament.

A head-to-head bracket will be constructed at random by DraftKings once there are 32 qualifiers. Every participant will create a daily fantasy lineup from the same MMA event when the Round of 32 begins. If your lineup scores more fantasy points than your opponent's lineup, then you will move on in the tournament. This will continue until there is only one player left standing. The exact schedule of the MMA $100,000 Bracket Challenge will not be known until future MMA events are announced.

Everyone that loses in the first round of this unique bracket tournament will still win $1,000. Losing in the Round of 16 is good enough to win $2,500. Everyone knocked out in the third round will take home $4,000. Advancing to the semi-finals will earn you $8,000. The runner-up of this MMA tournament will receive a check for $12,000. Winning the whole tournament lets you take home $20,000.

EPL - $150,000 King of the Pitch

The DraftKings $150,000 King of the Pitch tournament is your chance to use your knowledge of the English Premier League to win a large sum of money. This unique contest is limited to only 100 participants, so you will want to secure your spot immediately.

Winning a qualifying tournament is the only way to participate in the King of the Pitch tournament. Qualifying tournaments will be held every week until May 13, and they cost as little as $4 to enter. You can also try to win a free entry in one of the qualifying tournaments by winning a satellite tournament. These tournaments have entry fees as low as $0.25.

All 100 qualifiers will create a daily fantasy soccer lineup from the English Premier League games held on May 21. The lineup that scores the most fantasy points will take home the grand prize of $25,000. Everyone that earns a spot in this prestigious tournament from DraftKings will earn a lot of money. The minimum payout for last place is $500. Finishing in the top 30 will pay out a minimum of $1,000. A top 10 finish will get you a check for at least $2,500. No less than $6,000 will go to anyone that can finish in the top five.


DraftKings Promo Code

DraftKings Promo Code by Daniel


DraftKings Promo Code by Daniel

One of the highest amounts I've seen. You do have to play a number of cash games to get it released.

DraftKings Promo Code by Cory


DraftKings Promo Code by Cory

Can't argue with $600, but I think the release rate is slow. I know it's industry-standard, but that needs to change.

DraftKings Promo Code by Sandy


DraftKings Promo Code by Sandy

thanks for the free cash!

DraftKings Promo Code by Dusty


DraftKings Promo Code by Dusty

$600 is nice, but wish I got it immediately.

DraftKings Promo Code by Chris


DraftKings Promo Code by Chris

How can $600 free be bad?

DraftKings Promo Code by Leo


DraftKings Promo Code by Leo

I'm loving draftkings.com. I saw a tv commercial and have been hooked ever since. IMO, draftkings is better than fanduel. Bigger prize pools and I like the site better

DraftKings Promo Code by Brett


DraftKings Promo Code by Brett

Pretty lame at this point. All this legal stuff is causing draftkings & fanduel to give less and less. At least fanduel provides 5 free tickets

DraftKings Promo Code by Dude007


DraftKings Promo Code by Dude007

Saw a draftkings promocode offer on TV. Not sure if this is the same, but how is a $3 contest entry supposed to motivate me to deposit my money? Come up with something better and maybe I'll come back.