Rebet Social Sportsbook Review and Bonuses

Rebet is a brand-new social sportsbook that recently launched in 47 states across the country. Although Rebet was established by two students currently at Dartmouth College, it has already proven itself to be no amateur venture. This social sportsbook offers an innovative approach to sports betting, featuring a community-centric platform that allows users to enjoy the fun together.

Since it’s a social sportsbook, Rebet uses virtual currencies for all transactions. You can play for free with Rebet Coins and for the chance to redeem cash prizes with Rebet Cash.

Make sure to take advantage of the Rebet sign-up bonus, which provides 10 Rebet Coins and 1 Rebet Cash entirely for free. For more information on this great promotion and many other exciting features on Rebet Social Sportsbook, read our full review of Rebet social sportsbook below.

Why sign up with Rebet Social Sportsbook?

  • Daily bonuses, so you can play every day
  • Simple betting lines
  • A brand-new social sportsbook community
  • Redeem Rebet Cash for real money

Rebet Social Sportsbook bonus details for May 2024

Rebet promo code
No code needed
Welcome bonus offer 10 free Rebet Coins + 1 Rebet Cash on sign-up
Minimum purchase $10
Deposit options Apple Pay, bank transfer
Promotions? Yes
Last updated May 2024

What you need to know about the Rebet Social Sportsbook welcome bonus

Rebet Social Sportsbook offers new users the chance to secure both Rebet Coins and Rebet Cash right away. Just for signing up—no Rebet promo code needed—you can immediately claim 10 Rebet Coins and 1 Rebet Cash.

This welcome bonus is a great way to begin exploring how both currencies work on the Rebet platform. Of course, you can also purchase Rebet Coins, but this is never required. Rebet Coin purchases come with free Rebet Cash.

How does Rebet sports betting work?

Rebet is a social sportsbook, meaning that virtual currency (as opposed to cash) is used for betting. Unlike traditional sportsbooks, where users directly deposit cash to bet with, Rebet uses Rebet Coins and Rebet Cash for all transactions.

Rebet bettors can, however, purchase Rebet Coins bundles online. These bundles come with free Rebet Cash. When bet with and won, Rebet Cash can then be exchanged and withdrawn at an equal value to US dollars. In this way, Rebet Social Sportsbook operates similarly to a traditional sports betting site, just with a few added steps.

Is Rebet Social Sportsbook legal?

Currently, 47 states allow Rebet Social Sportsbook to operate. Idaho, Michigan, and Nevada are the three exceptions.

If you live outside of these states, you’ll have no trouble downloading the Rebet mobile app to begin playing. Since Rebet Social Sportsbook is basically a brand-new platform, it’s impressive that its launch has encompassed nearly all states. There is a chance that Rebet will continue to expand to every state once legislation in Michigan, Nevada, and Idaho allows for it.

Signing up at Rebet Social Sportsbook

Signing up for Rebet Social Sportsbook is super easy. The process should take only a couple of minutes. Since Rebet does not have a website betting platform and operates only through its mobile app, make sure you’re ready to download the app when you sign up. You’ll find the Rebet app in the Apple App Store. Unfortunately, there is no Rebet app for Android devices at this time.

To start, click the “Sign Up” button when you open the app. First, you will be directed to enter some personal information, including your birthday and full name. You will also be prompted to enter your email, create a username, and set up a secure password. Since the welcome bonus doesn’t require a Rebet Sportsbook promo code, you don’t have to worry about this when signing up. Finally, agree to Rebet’s conditions and terms. After a few short moments, your account will be set up, and you’ll be set to begin playing.

Can you win money at Rebet sports betting?

It’s possible to win real money at Rebet Social Sportsbook, though the process is slightly roundabout. Rather than betting with real money that they deposit, bettors will wager with Rebet Coins and Rebet Cash at this social sportsbook.

Every day, users are awarded 100 Rebet Coins and 1 Rebet Cash for free. It is also possible to purchase additional Rebet Coin bundles if you want more funds for betting. While winning bets with Rebet Coins just earn you more of the freeplay currency, Rebet Cash winnings become redeemable for cash prizes. One Rebet Cash is equal to 1 USD. Minimum Rebet Cash redemptions start at 20 USD.

What’s great about Rebet Social Sportsbook?

Even though Rebet Social Sportsbook just launched recently, we already love plenty of things about this social sports betting platform. A clear standout feature is the emphasis on community and social interaction.

Rebet Social Sportsbook provides users with a variety of ways to engage with one another, including peer-to-peer wagering and a social media-style feed. Rebet is one of the best social sportsbooks for betting alongside your friends, with more than 60 professional and college sports leagues available for wagering.

What’s missing from Rebet Social Sportsbook?

Some things on Rebet Social Sportsbook could use improvement. One main downside to playing on Rebet is the lack of website betting. Rebet users are required to download the Rebet Social Sportsbook app via the App Store to gain full access to sportsbook features.

This could be particularly problematic for those who prefer larger text when betting on sports online. Additionally, the fact that Rebet users must download the app means that mobile users are required to have the correct operating system and sufficient storage space on their devices to play. Another current oversight is the lack of an Android app.

How do deposits and withdrawals work at Rebet Social Sportsbook?

Banking on Rebet Social Sportsbook is pretty easy, though slightly different than at your average sportsbook. Instead of depositing cash to bet directly, users can purchase bundles of Rebet Coins (which come with free Rebet Cash).

You don’t withdraw either currency, either. Rebet Coins are only used to place bets that result in more Rebet Coins if you win. Meanwhile, Rebet Cash winnings can be exchanged for USD and withdrawn if you collect 20 Rebet Cash or more.

A couple of deposit and withdrawal methods are available. To fund your account, you can use Apple Pay or bank transfers. Redemptions are possible only through bank transfers, which charge a small fee of $0.75. While deposits process nearly instantly, you might have to wait a few days before receiving your withdrawal.

Can I play at Rebet Social Sportsbook for free?

Absolutely. Like all social sportsbooks, Rebet allows users to play for free. In fact, your Rebet Coin balance will be topped up daily.

You need only purchase Rebet Coin packages if you want more coins or are trying to collect enough free Rebet Cash to make a prize redemption. But again, purchases are never required.

Rebet Social Sportsbook overview

Even though Rebet is new to the social sportsbook world, its first months on the market have been impressive. The emphasis on community and social engagement shines through, making it the perfect sports betting platform for playing with your friends. A straightforward interface makes Rebet easy to get the hang of and enjoy. Plus, you get 10 Rebet Coins and 1 Rebet Cash just for creating an account.

Of course, Rebet Sportsbook isn’t perfect. Existing only as an Apple app certainly has its limitations. If this new operator wants to compete at the highest level, it should introduce a website and Android app soon.

That said, if you love mobile betting with friends, Rebet Social Sportsbook is the perfect app for you. Enjoy all the features of a free social sportsbook while also being able to exchange and redeem Rebet Cash for real money. Remember to always bet responsibly.

Rebet Social Sportsbook FAQ

Does Rebet Social Sportsbook have a welcome bonus?

Rebet Social Sportsbook offers all users 10 Rebet Coins and 1 Rebet Cash just for signing up. No Rebet promo code is necessary to claim this offer.

How old do you have to be to sign up with Rebet Social Sportsbook?

Rebet Social Sportsbook requires all users to be at least 18 years old. The minimum age adheres to state guidelines in all 47 states where Rebet is available. Michigan, Nevada, and Idaho are the only states that don’t allow Rebet to operate.

Can I win real money with Rebet Social Sportsbook?

While it is not possible to win real money directly on Rebet Social Sportsbook, you can exchange Rebet Cash winnings for real money, which can then be withdrawn. Rebet Cash has a 1:1 exchange rate with USD. Redemptions start at 20 Rebet Cash, which equals $20.

What type of bets can I make at Rebet Social Sportsbook?

Rebet offers an impressive range of bet types and betting options. Whether you enjoy straightforward moneylines or complex parlays, Rebet Social Sportsbook will not disappoint. The unique peer-to-peer betting platform also offers an innovative way to bet on sports with your friends.

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Rebet Social Sportsbook Review and Bonuses