Fliff Promo Code and Sign-up Bonus - $100 Fliff Cash 2024

Fliff Social Sportsbook offers a less risky social gaming experience than real money sportsbooks like FanDuel and DraftKings. In fact, Fliff’s freeplay mode requires no deposit at all. The social sports betting app lets players who are 18 or older enjoy free or sweepstakes mode (where you can win prizes).

People can use Fliff Coins for the social mode, which includes beneficial promotions and rewards. These let you earn more coins and win prizes. In sweepstakes mode, app users can collect Fliff Cash, which can be redeemed for cash prizes. Users who purchase Fliff Coins receive a 100% match bonus of up to 600,000 Fliff Coins, plus $100 in free Fliff Cash on purchase. Use the Fliff promo code DAILYFC to claim the bonus.

Customers do not purchase Fliff Cash. Instead, they use credit or debit cards, PayPal, or Skrill to purchase Fliff Coins. In doing so, they receive a certain amount of free Fliff Cash. Customers can collect additional Fliff Coins and Fliff Cash as they participate in games and promotions. Once they play through these rewards, they can redeem Fliff Cash for prizes (minimum $50 at a rate of 1 Fliff Cash to 1 USD). No purchase is required to enter a sweepstakes.

Like traditional sports betting sites, Fliff supports gaming on dozens of popular American sports. The site is legal in most US states, so it's a unique and legitimate way to enjoy sports betting.

Why sign up with Fliff Social Sportsbook?

  • 100% match bonus up to 600,000 Fliff Coins + $100 Fliff Cash on purchase
  • Dozens of boosted odds on moneyline bets
  • Collect free XP every two hours and 5,000 Fliff Coins every day
  • Play in social mode or sweepstakes mode

Fliff Social Sportsbook bonus details for May 2024

Fliff Social Sportsbook bonus code


Sign-up bonus info

100% match up to 600,000 Fliff Coins + $100 Fliff Cash on purchase

Minimum deposit


Deposit options

Major credit cards, debit cards, PayPal, Skrill, bank transfers


Boosted odds, superboosts, daily bonuses, and challenges for XP every 2 hours

Last updated

May 2024

What you need to know about the Fliff sports betting welcome bonus

On your first deposit, you'll receive a 100% match bonus. Every Fliff Coin you buy is matched with a bonus Fliff Coin up to 600,000. The 100% match bonus maxes out at 600,000 Fliff Coins, priced at $49.99.

When you make a qualifying purchase, you'll receive $100 in free Fliff Cash. You will need to use the Fliff promo code DAILYFC to claim this sign-up offer. The bonus cash has a 1x playthrough.

How does Fliff Social Sportsbook work?

The Fliff Sportsbook works like most mobile sports betting apps. When you visit the homepage, you’ll find the featured pregame bets of the day. You can scroll through the top menu for individual sports, in-game betting, boosted bets, and popular betting options.

Customers can see the most popular games for each sport using the ‘Summary’ category. The game lines come with stats for the total number of picks and the total amount of Fliff Coins staked on the game. Players can also find the most popular parlay bets for each sport.

Fliff social sportsbook app

Betting options include straight bets, parlays, and player props. Here are the sports and sporting leagues players will find on the app.

  • Basketball: NBA, College Basketball, CBA (China), KBL (Korea), WKLB (Korea), LEB Oro (Spain)
  • Hockey: NHL
  • Soccer: 126 leagues and tournaments, including MLS, Liga MX, English Premier League (EPL), La Liga, Bundesliga, Serie A, Ligue 1, UEFA Champions League, and FIFA World Cup.
  • Baseball: MLB, NCAA, KBO
  • Football: NFL, CFL, NCAA
  • Tennis: ATP, WTA
  • MMA: UFC
  • Boxing
  • Lacrosse: NCAA
  • Poker: Individual players

At the bottom of the ‘All Sports’ list, customers can find the ‘Boosted’ category. These are the boosted bets, often called daily or odds boosts on other sites. Most moneyline bets are boosted by +50 to +75 points, so bettors should not overlook these promotions. People can find the same list by clicking the rocket icon on the top menu.

Fliff sports betting also has an in-play section if customers want to find live betting options.

Earning XP Rewards

In addition to earning Fliff Coins and Fliff Cash, players can accumulate rewards on the site. These are marked as XP and can be redeemed for gift cards. You can make picks, win daily challenges, or invite friends to the site to earn XP.

  • Earn XP: Earn 1 XP for every 1,000 coins staked the first time they're used. Coins can be claimed or purchased at the Cashier. You'll earn XP the first time coins are used to make picks.
  • Complete Challenges: Earn 2 XP for every completed daily challenge. The amount of XP you can earn by competing challenges depends on the number of challenges available.
  • Invite Friends: Earn 20 XP for every $1 your friends spend on Fliff. The maximum amount is 10,000 XP.

Use your XP balance to purchase Fliff Coins and climb the leaderboards. One hundred XP can be used to purchase 1 Fliff Coin. Earn a bonus of 100 XP when you earn 2,000 XP.

  • Important Note on XP: You receive XP from (1) purchasing Fliff Coins or (2) claiming them once every two hours. You don't gain XP from winning bets.

Is Fliff sports betting legal?

Playing with Fliff Coins is legal in 49 states. Only the state of Washington bans Fliff entirely. If you want to play using Fliff Cash, that’s in 45 states. Five states ban cash prizes altogether (Washington, Hawaii, Idaho, Nevada, and Tennessee), while nine other states restrict cash prizes in one way or another.

Customers must be 18 or older to sign up at play using Fliff Cash. The full list of states where Fliff Cash play is legal is:

These are the states that place some restrictions on earning Fliff Cash and redeeming prizes. Check the Fliff terms and conditions for the nitty-gritty.

  • Minnesota
  • Michigan
  • Iowa
  • Kentucky
  • Louisiana
  • Mississippi
  • Alabama
  • Georgia
  • South Carolina

Signing up at Fliff Sportsbook

The sign-up process at Fliff Social Sportsbook is simple. Here’s the rundown.

  1. Visit the website getfliff.com. At the top of the page, you'll see links to download Fliff on the App Store or the Google Play Store.
  2. The page also has a web app download for those who only use Fliff Coins. Click on whichever link that applies to your situation.
  3. Android users should visit the Play Store and click "Get." IOS users should visit the App Store and click "Install."
  4. To sign up, input your full name, physical address, username, and email address. Confirm your email with the confirmation link.
  5. To play using Fliff Cash, you must add a government-issued photo ID and a live selfie photo that matches the photo ID. Also, you'll need to validate your Social Security number.
  6. Once you download the app, sign in to your account.
  7. Visit the "Cashier" page by clicking on the link in the bottom-right of any page.
  8. If you want, choose a purchase from $0.99 to $99.99. Complete payment and receive your bonus, and be sure you've used the Fliff promo code DAILYFC.
  9. Make picks using Fliff Coins or Fliff Cash. Fliff Coins have no monetary value and are a game for entertainment. Fliff Cash can be redeemed for cash prizes if you win 50 Fliff Cash through bets. Skrill and bank transfer are the two payout options.

Can you win money at Fliff Social Sportsbook?

Yes, but in a roundabout way. You’ll need to bet with Fliff Cash and win at least 50 Fliff Cash to request a cash prize redemption. These redemptions are possible without restriction in 36 states. Check out the list of states above for more details.

What’s great about Fliff Social Sportsbook?

  • 100% Match Bonus: First deposit bonus of 600K Fliff Coins + $100 in Fliff Cash
  • Boosted Odds: For key NFL, NBA, MLB, and NHL games
  • Superboosts: Added incentive to watch your favorite players
  • Daily Challenges: To win XP, which can be used for more Fliff Coins
  • High App Ratings: Fliff has ratings of 4.8 on the App Store and 4.6 on the Play Store

What’s missing from Fliff Social Sportsbook?

  • Needs More Payout Options: Cash prize redemptions are restricted to Skrill and bank transfers.
  • Learning Curve for Some: The difference between Fliff Coins, Fliff Cash, and XP can be confusing for certain users.

How do deposits and withdrawals work at Fliff Social Sportsbook?

You don’t deposit and withdraw at Fliff like you would at a real money sportsbook. Instead, you can purchase Fliff Coin packages (which come with free Fliff Cash) using the following payment methods.

  • Major credit cards
  • Debit cards
  • PayPal
  • Skrill
  • Bank transfers

Once you have at least $50 in Fliff Cash winnings (from wagers), you can request a prize redemption. These redemptions are possible via:

  • Skrill
  • Bank transfers

Difference between Fliff Coins and Fliff Cash

Fliff Coins are used to enter bets on the social sportsbook, while Fliff Cash is used for betting stakes in sweepstakes mode. Customers can toggle between Fliff Coins and Fliff Cash to see their account total. Fliff Coins are in yellow, while Fliff Cash is in green.

Here is a table of the available Fliff Coin purchase packages.

PurchaseFliff CoinsFliff Cash
$0.9910,000 Fliff Coins1 Fliff Cash
$4.9950,000 Fliff Coins5 Fliff Cash
$9.99110,000 Fliff Coins10 Fliff Cash
$19.99230,000 Fliff Coins20 Fliff Cash
$49.99600,000 Fliff Coins50 Fliff Cash
$99.991,300,000 Fliff Coins100 Fliff Cash

Customers can redeem Fliff Cash to USD at a 1-to-1 ratio. If you have $50 in Fliff Cash, it translates to $50 in US dollars. You must have $50 or more in Fliff Cash to request a redemption. Skrill and bank transfers are available for prize redemptions. You can also redeem XP for gift cards.

Can I play at Fliff Sportsbook for free?

Yes. Fliff is always free to play. Toggle to the Fliff Coins (yellow) option to play in the free mode to compete against friends and climb the leaderboard. Toggle to the Fliff Cash (green) option to play in the site's sweepstakes mode.

Fliff Coins have no monetary value. Meanwhile, once Fliff Cash passes a 1x rollover requirement, users can redeem it for cash prizes. The minimum redemption is 50 Fliff Cash.

Fliff Social Sportsbook Overview

Fliff Social Sportsbook is a legit mobile sports betting app supporting free NFL, NBA, and MLB betting. When you make a first purchase, you’ll receive a welcome bonus of up to 600,000 Fliff Coins and up to $100 in free Fliff Cash. Just enter the Fliff promo code DAILYFC when signing up.

Fliff Coins are used on the free version of the site. Players can purchase Fliff Coins for as little as $0.99, though the site does not require purchases if you want to play. You can win Fliff Coins every two hours by entering no deposit contests on Fliff’s official social media pages. Move up the leaderboard for additional coins. Fliff Coins have no cash value.

If you want the chance at cash prizes, you’ll play using Fliff Cash. When you purchase Fliff Coins, you’ll receive a certain amount of free accompanying Fliff Cash. Users who are active on the site can receive $1 in Fliff Cash each day (so long as their Fliff Cash balance is under 5). Once you’ve won at least 50 Fliff Cash through bets, you can redeem the tokens 1 to 1 for cash prizes.

Fliff sports betting FAQ

Does Fliff Social Sportsbook have a welcome bonus for new users?

Yes. The Fliff Social Sportsbook welcome bonus offers 600,000 Fliff Coins and up to $100 in Fliff Cash. To max out the Fliff Coins bonus, you would make a $49.99 purchase using a credit card, debit card, Skrill, or bank transfer.

The Fliff promo code DAILYFC is required to activate the 600,000 Fliff Coins welcome bonus.

How old must you be to sign up at Fliff Social Sportsbook?

The minimum age to sign up and play at Fliff Social Sportsbook is 18.

Can I win real money while playing at Fliff Social Sportsbook?

In a way, yes, but Fliff doesn’t consider itself real money gambling. You’ll need to bet with free Fliff Cash and win at least 50 Fliff Cash to request a cash prize redemption. These redemptions are possible without restriction in 36 states. Check out the list of states above for more details.

What type of bets can I make at Fliff Social Sportsbook?

You’ll find all the standard bet types at Fliff: moneylines, spreads, props, and much more. You can bet on these markets with Fliff Coins or Fliff Cash.

Is Fliff Social Sportsbook legitimate?

Yes. Fliff Social Sportsbook is legal in 49 states. Washington is the outlier.

Its sweepstakes version is available in 45 states (with some restrictions in nine states). Fliff complies with all local laws and segregates player funds from operating cash, so it’s a legit site.

Is Fliff Social Sportsbook better than FanDuel and DraftKings?

Fliff Social Sportsbook is less risky than DraftKings and FanDuel. Customers can play a free version that requires no cash. Fliff’s monetary system is such that losing money at the same rate as DraftKings and FanDuel would be harder.

While traditional sportsbooks might have a few more sports betting options, Fliff supports betting on a long list of sports and sporting leagues. Its odds are competitive for both pregame and live bets.

Have you reviewed any other sportsbooks?

Yes, we have reviewed a number of online sportsbooks and daily fantasy sports sites. Here is a look at some of our favorite operators:

Fliff Promo Code and Sign-up Bonus - $100 Fliff Cash 2024