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How the Cafe Optimizer Calculates Optimal Lineups

The fastest way to gain an edge in daily fantasy football is to have the most optimal lineups based on quality projections. What this is means is allowing “math" to help you formulate the lineups that are projected to produce the highest point total. There are hundreds of billions of potential lineups each Sunday. We have built the most powerful optimizer in daily fantasy football to generate the best lineups for our users. These lineups give our users an advantage over others using manual and spreadsheet methods that can't compute the most optimal lineups. Don't leave your game to chance and start winning more with our NFL lineup generator.

Most DFS sites approach the problem of building good lineups approximately. That is, they attempt to consider various lineups in an ad-hoc manner and return some set of lineups that attempt to maximize projected points. Daily Fantasy Cafe's lineup generator and stack optimizer approaches the problem differently. Instead of searching approximately through the potential lineups (and just hoping they find 'good' lineups), we formulate the lineup builder problem as an optimization problem using a field of research known as Integer Linear Programming (ILP). Formulating the problem in this way ensures that we are finding the provably optimal lineup, such that no other lineup can possibly have a higher total projected points. In addition, Daily Fantasy Cafe also provides advanced features such as: producing K-optimal lineups, exposure limits for individual players, stacks, and locking. All of these features are implemented in the context of Integer Linear Programming, ensuring that the lineups returned have the provably highest level of projected points possible. Why use a DFS lineup builder that isn't optimal? You will be entering lineups that have less potential. Don't settle when it comes to building NFL lineups. Our FanDuel and DraftKings lineup builder provides you with all the functionality and customization needed to build the best lineups possible.

We have dedicated ourselves to create the most advanced and accurate FanDuel NFL Lineup Optimizer, DraftKings NFL Lineup Optimizer and Yahoo NFL Lineup Optimizer. In the near future, we will be adding some of the other daily fantasy sites. If you have any suggestions, requests or inquiries, please post them in our Tools forum.


Name - Player name.

Pos - head: Position, text: Player position, color coded from best to worst Green to Red.

Salary- Player salary

Type - Designates a player as a Cash or GPP palyer. Color coded from best to worst Green to Red.

Exposure - Exposure on an unlocked player is the maximum % the player will appear in generated lineups. Exposure % on a locked player is absolute % the player will appear in generated lineups. If Exposure is turned On and player is locked, Exposure % will default to 0%. If On, manually adjust Exposure % on Locked players before generating lineups.

Global Exposure - Set the same exposure % to all players. Creates diversified lineups. IE - if you set Global Player Exposure to 10%, all players will appear in 10% or less of the number of lineups generated. Once turned on, this setting will default to 25%. The lower you set this %, the less optimal generated lineups will be when generating large number of lineups.

Points/$1K - Filter by the projected Fantasy Points per $1,000 of player salary.

CV - head: Cafe Value, text: Takes into account a player's salary, projection and site postion requirements to give you a comparable value among all players.

Projection - Projection for each player as designated by the Projections you've selected in the Projections drop down option.

Games - Section for Game data

Teams - Teams playing in the player's game.

Spread - Vegas spread for the team of the player.

Total O/U - Vegas Over/Under point total for the game

Theory - A prediciton of game-flow based off Vegas.

Opponent YPG Allow - Yards per game allowed by opponent to player's specific position.

TDPG Allow - Touchdowns per game allowed by opponent to player's specific position.

FPPG Allow - Fantasy points per game allowed by opponent to player's specific position.

Performance Floor L8 - A player's average floor over the last eight games.

Ceiling L8 - A player's average ceiling over the last eight games.

Consistency - A percentage showing the amount of times a player hits their projection over last eight games.