MLB Stack Generator

MLB Stacking Tool

Stacking in daily fantasy baseball is a popular choice for trying to take down those big tournaments, and really hit on those monster payouts. If you are relatively new to daily fantasy baseball, you may be wondering what "stacking" is. You are simply inserting up to six players from one team into your lineup. Some sites have rules about the limit of players from one team, like FanDuel will allow no more than four. A popular stacking method is taking batters one through six from a team’s lineup, or on FanDuel, one through four. If you are familiar with fantasy football, it is like combining your quarterback and your wide receiver. One touchdown produced between the two, double the points. It is on a similar scale in baseball, Mike Trout doubles, and next at-bat Albert Pujols homers. More points from the combination of their success. It is a simple strategy, and our MLB Stack Generator here at Daily Fantasy Cafe makes it even simpler.

The DFC MLB Stack Generator combines all the works of our own projections, cafe value, and our revolutionary exposure feature, into one easy to use stacking tool. There is no need to have multiple tabs open trying to research your stack. Our stacking tool includes updating lineup spots, Vegas lines, park factor, and advanced stats. The creativity of the stack is entirely up to you. FanDuel limiting to just four players has created the term "mini-stack," which is three to four players from one lineup. Our FanDuel MLB Stack Generator quickly filters the ability to use more than four players from a team, and gives you the option to even create a game stack. If there are two teams with a five Vegas run total, you can select those two teams and generate an eight player stack from those two lineups. The DraftKings MLB Stack generator works the same away, but allows up to six players from either one or two teams. If you are looking for consecutive players in a batting order, you can filter our stacking tool to only do so, and vice versa. Those 7-8-9 hitters can be toggled out by selecting how low in the order you want players to show up in your generated stacks. Remember this is all paired with our exposure feature, which variates how many times you want a player to show up in your generated stacks.

When building stacks, look for high run totals, good park factors, poor opposing pitchers, and lineup spots. These are key for building efficient stacks, and our stacking tool does a great job of narrowing down stack-worthy teams. All of those stats are conveniently located next to the player’s name. Stacking is a tournament style approach, and you are better off using our lineup optimizer for double-ups and head-to-head games. Our cafe values and projections will help guide you to the most optimal stacks, while all you do is have to make a few clicks. Making multiple stacks, contrarian stacks, or pinpointing the perfect stack has never been easier.