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MLB 2015 - Top 2 Accuracy - DFS Accuracy Cup

DFC is the only website with two experts that placed in the Top 5 of the 2015 MLB Daily Fantasy Accuracy Cup. Justin Elick placed in 2nd, while Christopher Rocas placed in 5th.

Top 8% Accuracy - NFL 2014

Russell Clay finished in the Top 8% of all fantasy experts on Fantasy Pros for NFL Draft Accuracy.

Top 3 Accuracy 2014

Josh Shepardson, placed #7 in overall Fantasy Pros Accuracy in 2014 and #3 in Pitcher Accuracy. No other MLB expert on Fantasy Pros has placed in the top 10 the past 3 years.

#1 Accuracy 2012

Josh Shepardson, our lead MLB writer placed #1 overallin Fantasy Pros Accuracy and #1 in Pitcher Accuracy in 2012.

#1 Accuracy 2011

In 2011, R.J. White, the lead writer for Fantasy Baseball Cafe (our MLB forum) was the most accurate MLB expert on Fantasy Pros.

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