With guys like Russell Westbrook and Anthony Davis dropping 60+ fantasy point games, they will be staples in the lineups for many of us. But... To grab those players, value is crucial in NBA, just like any other DFS sport. Value opens up through injuries, site pricing, and rotational changes. We are staying on top of that for you here, talking about the best value at each position. A reminder a nice landmark for Fantasy value is 5x, but having a few plays with only a 3x isn't terrible either.

Point Guard

Brandon Jennings, Orlando Magic @ New York Knicks ($4,000 FD / $4,300 DK)

While it's unlikely for Brandon Jennings to add another game like he had against the Rockets the other day, he's been getting consistent minutes over the last three games, and certainly has big upside. Jennings is still really cheap for a guy getting 25-to-30 minutes a night, and has above 26 DK points in four of his last ten games. Again, we know what Jennings is at this stage in his career, but at such a cheap price, he's worth the risk.

DFC Projection: FanDuel: 29.92 / DraftKings: 34.68

Malcolm Brogdon, Oklahoma City Thunder @ Milwaukee Bucks ($4,300 FD / $5,100 DK)

Malcolm Brogdon had a game that reminds of of his days in college at Virginia. He was totally in control of the backcourt against Chicago, and certainly showed some positive traits for the Bucks to potentially use more often going forward. Brogdon played the most minutes in a single game of the season the other night, and played 33 against Minnesota a day before that. While Brogdon did score a lot of DK points, he's much more of a steady floor play than anything else.

DFC Projection: FanDuel: 31.68 DraftKings: 36.36

Shooting Guard

Gary Harris, Denver Nuggets @ Golden State Warriors ($4,700 FD $4,700 DK)

Much like all the Denver Nuggets, Gary Harris and his minutes are going to be inconsistent, but, there's certainly upside in this matchup. Harris has 23 or more DK points in seven of his last ten games, and only has below 28 minutes twice in that span. Harris is a shooter that the Nuggets rely on to keep them in games, and they're certainly going to need him agains the Warriors.

DFC Projection: FanDuel: 25.42 DraftKings: 28.21

Austin Rivers, Pheonix Suns @ Los Angeles Clippers ($4,400 FD / $4,900 DK)

Austin Rivers certainly isn't the first player you think of rostering when playing DFS, but with Chris Paul and Blake Griffin hurt, the Clippers are desperate for offense. Despite not shooting all that much in his last two games, Rivers shot 37 shots in his previous two against the Nuggets and the Pelicans. Against bad defensive teams, Rivers should find more room to get open and shoot. Insert the Suns and their mediocre team, and Rivers is looking to be a nice tournament punt.

DFC Projection: FanDuel: 25.28 DraftKings: 29.40

Small Forward

Trevor Ariza, Washington Wizards @ Houston Rockets ($5,600 FD/ $5,500 DK)

Trevor Ariza has really turned things on in his last four games. With the Rockets amazingly scoring above 123 points in each of their last four games, that's certainly opened up a ton of possessions for some of the secondary pieces like Ariza. Ariza has 15 and 11 shots in his past two games, including 20 three point attempts. Against this Wizards team, who struggles to cover the perimeter, it would make sense to see him have a nice day, and finally capitalize on all the attempts he's getting to score.

DFC Projection: FanDuel: 28.80 DraftKings: 33.12

Otto Porter, Washington Wizards @ Houston Rockets ($5,800 FD / $6,100 DK)

On the other side of the ball in that game tonight, Otto Porter and the resurgent Wizards are looking to make a push before the all-star break to get in playoff contention. Porter has begun to settle in as a player that gets between 25-to-30 DK points a night, with the occasional big game, and is for the most part, accurately priced. Porter has found the range from three of late, shooting at least 50 percent on at least four attempts in each of his last five games. Porter's real upside comes from his rebounding, which vanishes at times, but could be a thing against this Rockets team. If he can find himself in that 6-to-8 rebound range with all the possessions in this game, it's likely Porter will exceed value. keep him on your radar in cash games.

DFC Projection: FanDuel: 30.60 DraftKings: 33.12

Power Forward

Montrezl Harrell, Washington Wizards @ Houston Rockets ($4,600 FD / $5,100 DK)

Let's keep the trend going and attack this Rockets team again. Montrezl Harrell is certainly someone to look towards with upside in mind. Harrell is cheap, playing a lot of minutes, and on a team that pushes the pace like no other. While it's tough to ever expect him to score consistently, in tournaments, he certainly has that upside to explode, especially if the Rockets get out to a big lead. Harrell has made his mark and has clearly found himself a spot in the rotation going forward.

DFC Projection: FanDuel: 29.76 DraftKings: 31.62

Ryan Anderson, Washington Wizards @ Houston Rockets ($5,400 FanDuel/ $5,800 DK)

A final piece from this game, Ryan Anderson is the perfect tournament piece on the other end of the Montrezl Harrell coin. If you check their splits over the last few games, the close the game, the more Anderson scores, bigger the blowout, Harrell gets more minutes and fantasy points. Anderson's game is obviously going to lead to inconsistency when minutes are potentially limited. This game should stay close, however, and with that considered, there might be another 40 DK point line in Anderson's future.

DFC Projection: FanDuel: 29.75 DraftKings: 32.90


Enes Kanter, Oklahoma City Thunder @ Milwaukee Bucks ($5,400 FD / $5,300 DK)

While there's no debating who runs the show in OKC, Enes Kanter is above 30 DK points in five of his last six games, and has found himself back in the role he's always succeeded in, which is a scorer. It's clear the Thunder are trying to get him involved now, and it's resulted in him getting above 10 shot attempts in each of the last five games. Kanter will always be inconsistent in the rest of his game, but overall, this is a nice night to cash in on those shot attempts.

DFC Projection: FanDuel: 29.16 DraftKings: 31.32

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