California Sports Betting Apps

Which Sports Betting Apps Have the Best Odds to Launch in California

Anyone following the progress of sports betting across the United States would have a keen eye on California. It doesn't take much to envision how huge the market would be. California is home to 12 percent of the US population and accounts for nearly 16 percent of the total US economy.

Sportsbook operations have their eye on the progress towards legislation that will legalize sports betting as well. California is not only the largest economy in the US; it's the fifth largest in the world. Sportsbooks envision billions of bettor dollars on the table.

So do many lawmakers in the Golden State. However, though efforts have been vigilant, California still doesn't have legal sports betting legislation. Most think it will happen, but when is the question.

First, let's review what's taken place over the last 12 months. Then, we'll try to project which sportsbook apps might have the best odds to launch in California once sports betting becomes legal.

Sports Betting Progress in California

Ever since Nevada legalized sports betting inside their casino operations, literally billions of dollars in revenue have walked out of California into their neighbor state. Lawmakers and residents alike have long envisioned the financial windfall that sports betting could be for the state.

However, the road to open legal sportsbooks in California has been a bumpy one. State legislation that relaxed regulations for tribal casinos and card rooms have turned out to be an enormous problem.

It immediately created contentious negotiations over who would have access to what was obviously going to be billions of dollars in revenue. The bickering created a stalemate. Many felt California would be one of the quickest states to open up sportsbooks. We're still waiting.

However, hope has blossomed over the last 12 months. The card clubs and tribal casinos are still trying to work through their assertion they should have first dibs. State legislators issued approval for 18 Native American tribes to pursue statewide ballot initiative for November.

There are roughly 50 non-tribal card clubs that are battling for their own right to be part of the sports betting equation. Most hope that a prolonged legal fight between the California Gaming Association, which represents the card clubs, and the tribal casinos doesn't drag out.

This long-anticipated offer to see how Californians feel about legal sports betting should be a slam dunk. No envisions the majority of residents to vote down legal sports betting. However, there is some question about how it will materialize when the laws are passed.

Most see a period when only fixed locations are permitted to take bets. California is also holding a hard line at setting the legal age to bet a 21 or older. These issues will be ironed out eventually, as long as residents get the chance to voice their desires.

The debate over who should be granted physical approval to operate physical sportsbooks drags on. One solution to appease California residents is to launch online sportsbooks. However, betting naysayers insist this would be like putting a casino in every California resident's pocket.

The debate wages on over online operations. Nevertheless, no one doubts the potential for success for California sports betting. Most projections envision over $2 billion annually in state revenue. The profits funneled back into a state that is hurting financially will be in the millions.

The inevitable will eventually happen. Getting to the finish line for sports bettors in California has been a bumpy road. There does seem to be a growing light at the end of the tunnel. Certain entities will need to compromise.

If not, look for California legislators to avert another misguided mistake and refuse to give specific entities too much control over sports betting operations. With the growing chance that online mobile apps could be forthcoming, here are some with the strongest odds of launching in California.

The Most Likely Apps When California Launches Online Sports Betting

Each sportsbook and sportsbook app will have to navigate a series of steps to be licensed in California. How the state's final legislation reads in relation to sportsbooks in casinos, especially how they address tribal casino facilities will be important.

The general rule is that to take sports bets online and from mobile devices, the sportsbook app must be connected to a physical sportsbook. That will most likely be the case in California.

Once that affiliation is established, the second hurdle will be the apps history and reputation in states that have already launched online sportsbooks. Here's a look at six heavy favorites to launch quickly once sports betting is legal in California.

FanDuel Sportsbook Mobile App


FanDuel established a partnership with the Meadowlands Racetrack in 2018 to become one of the first sportsbook apps in New Jersey. It parlayed that relationship to take the Garden State by storm. FanDuel nearly doubled the handle of all the New Jersey sportsbook apps at one point.

FanDuel has one of the most popular sports betting app setups. They're the leading app in New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and Indiana. Expect the FanDuel Sportsbook Mobile App to be ready at the starting line when the gun sounds to launch California online sports betting operations.

The connections to millions of daily fantasy sports users further build upon a solid reputation. Similar to other sportsbook apps, new users will receive a $1,000 bonus-bet welcome bonus.

The FanDuel Sportsbook app has also extended another special offer for registering for a account. Currently, new sign-ups receive a $5 bet just for registering. As one of the most successful sportsbook apps currently operating in the legal states, look for FanDuel to be an odds-on favorite to launch in California.

fanduel sportsbook bonus

DraftKings Sportsbook Mobile App

DraftKings rocketed out of the gate when sports betting became legal in 2018. They have been one of the early launches in most states that have authorized online sportsbooks. The DraftKings Sportsbook Mobile App is operating in seven states.

In fact, the DraftKings app is the only way to place an online sports bet in New Hampshire. While it's highly unlikely that California will offer a similar level of exclusiveness when it launches mobile sports betting, DraftKings will be a probable contender.

DraftKings combines a couple of new accounts welcome bonus offers. There is a $1,000 matching deposit bonus offer, plus the standard $50 bet. The deposit bonus is a 20 percent match up to $1,000.

BetMGM Sportsbook Mobile App

BetMGM is MGM Resorts International's evolution of the original PlayMGM casino app. MGM launched their first sportsbook app as version 1.0. PlayMGM. This was a good app, but it didn't offer the data capabilities to handle sports better operations.

MGM Resorts International formed a partnership with ROAR Digital to improve their sportsbook app. It has proved a huge success. BetMGM has sportsbook app operations in West Virginia, New Jersey, Mississippi, Nevada and Indiana.

Earlier this month, they also added Colorado to their list. One reason BetMGM continues to open when states legalize sports betting is the level of diversity. They offer betting options on all major sports.

There are also odds for sports that look to open back up sooner than others. The BetMGM sportsbook app has odds for auto racing, golf, and professional tennis. These may be some of the earliest sports to return to full competition.

The BetMGM sportsbook app offers new users an excellent welcome bonus. Once you register for a BetMGM account in California and make a minimum $25 deposit, your first bet will be bonus on the house.

PointsBet Sportsbook Mobile App


California is a unique state in many respects, and so too is the PointsBet sportsbook app. The first thing that stands out is the various betting platforms that are offered by PointsBet. They offer an exciting in-game opportunity to bet on rapidly changing odds.

PointsBet is an Australian-based betting operation. They have a tentative agreement to launch a sportsbook app in partnership with Tioga Downs in New York. There are currently discussions for a deal in Colorado as well. California will obviously be a target for PointsBet once legislation is approved.

They also offer one of the more appealing new account welcome packages. New registrations at PointsBet receive a $25 first bet. In addition, new accounts can get a pair of $500 bonus first bet options.

PointsBet also has regular promotions for all accounts. Frequently there are parlay promotions that pay even if one leg fails. There are also special promotions that offer odds boosts for certain games.


FoxBet Sportsbook Mobile App

Our last sportsbook apps with strong odds of being launched when California passes sports betting legislation is FoxBet. FoxBet became a series contender for sports betting handle when they linked a partnership with the popular Stars Group.

Stars Group is the parent company of PokerStars. The combination is creating a strong presence for FoxBet in the sports betting industry. They have one of the most user-friendly platforms and the strong support of the Fox Corporation presence in professional sports.

They are currently live in both New Jersey and Pennsylvania, with additional states on the horizon. Colorado issued a temporary sports betting license to FoxBet. It is currently at a physical location, but an app is clearly in the future.

FoxBet is also welcoming new users with open arms. Some promotional offers have included a double welcome bonus with a $500 bonus first bet, plus another matching deposit bonus up to $500. It's a nice way to put $1,000 into your bankroll. Colorado's FoxBet launch included a $20 bet.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is sports betting online legal in California?

Currently, online sports betting of any type is not legal in California. California's residents must go to Nevada to bet legally in person or online. There is some assertion that offshore online books are legal, but this is not true. Sports' betting in California is still not legal.

Are card rooms legal in California?

There are more than five dozen legal card rooms in California. There is a list published on the website of the California Department of Justice. Card rooms in California can operate legally pursuant to Business and Professions Code section 19826 AB 1489 - Chapter 598, Stats. of 2004.

Do the Indian Casinos offer sports betting in California?

No. Currently, there are no legal methods to bet on sports inside the California borders. Legislators have issued an approval for 18 Native American tribal entities in California to pursue a statewide ballot initiative be included on the November 2020 ballot.

Is there mobile sports betting at the Indian Casinos?

No, just as there is currently no legislation passed to allow any sports betting in the state, Indian Casinos are unable to accept sports bets physically or via mobile device. There is discussion over these casinos being permitted to launch mobile apps initially.

Is Poker legal in California?

You can play poker legally in California at any of the state-licensed card clubs. Online poker laws have been debated by the California legislation for the last decade. While prosecutions are rare, it is only legal to play poker in California at a licensed card room.

Are casinos legal in California?

The only legal casinos in California are those licensed and approved for the Native American tribes. There are card clubs, but casino games are not legal in these venues. Legal Vegas-style casinos are legal in California at the licensed tribal locations.

Is FanDuel Sportsbook available in California?

You cannot use the FanDuel Sportsbook app legally in California. You may have a FanDuel Sportsbook account as a California resident, and prosecutions for using it outside of a legal state border are rare, but the FanDuel Sportsbook is currently not available in California.

Is the DraftKings Sportsbook available in California?

Having a DraftKings Sportsbook account follows the same restrictions as all online gambling options do in California. While few are prosecuted for violating online gambling laws in California, it is still illegal to make a sports bet on DraftKings inside the state borders.

What is the tax rate on gambling winnings in California?

California requires gambling winnings be reported on a W-2G. This includes all winnings from bets made at card clubs, horse racing tracks, licensed tribal casinos, or raffles. California taxes gambling winnings as income at the rate of 25 percent.