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FanDuel Lineup Optimizer

2019 is certainly a year of change for the Colossus FanDuel NFL Optimizer. We have added numerous new features, such as the swap ability in generated lineups, bulk update, new tabs, advanced options, and the ability to save your specific settings. If you weren't around with us last year, our lineup export feature makes it easy to transfer up to 100 lineups over to FanDuel. Making NFL lineups has never been easier, adding in advanced stats, new models, and bringing in our prior NFL tools into the optimizer. There will be no more going from page to page. When you're ready to make the jump and create an account, see our FanDuel review and FanDuel promo code articles.

The research tab is a new feature for 2019, which brings in an abundance of stats on a per position basis to help you narrow down the week's best and worst matchups. Our three-tier color code can make things a little easier, alongside using our lock and exclude feature we carried over from last year. The research tab can help you focus on opponent rankings, as well as individual stats. You can also change projections right from within this tab.

Some of our newer updates feature optimal stacks, which is a bit different from our stack generator. This features the most optimal stack of the week when building within a lineup, compared to the top scoring stack from the generator. Our exposure tool from last year is still here, which helps diversify your players between multiple lineups. A player's consistency, floor, and ceiling are very important when building cash or GPP lineups. Adding these statistics in give you a better read on building a target score for your lineup, and knowing the risk a player may or may not bring.

The bulk update is a more efficient way of changing exposure, projections, locks, or excludes for a set of players. You can search by team, position, or player — and then work freely within the group of your choosing. If I want to add five points to a few running backs, this makes things easier. With all of our filters, models, and advanced options, you now have the ability to save multiple settings. No more coming back each day and recreating what you had, you simply save and pick up where you left off from the prior visit. Having multiple saves makes things easier if you want to have different ways of building lineups. Our bread and butter this year was swap feature when you finish generating lineups. When the FanDuel lineup builder spits out an optimal lineup, you have the ability to tweak at any position right within the generated lineups page.

Adding in these new features to already a great amount has our FanDuel Lineup Generator ready to rock in 2019. With our five different projections, you won't need to go anywhere else but us. We brought exposure to the table last season, and have revamped statistics, advanced options, and new models to help you win more.