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This FanDuel review is meant to give you an inside look at FanDuel and provide the information you need to find the best daily fantasy website. FanDuel began operations in 2009 and has been a major player in the industry since. The race has tightened with DraftKings making a push for market share over the last few years. With over $80 million in funding, FanDuel has spent that money on technology and marketing. So far, FanDuel has paid out over $300 million dollars and by the end of 2014, that number will jump to $400 million. With over 10,000 leagues each day and over $10 million paid out each week, you will have no issue finding the game for you.

FanDuel has achieved an impressive number of press coverage with accolades pouring in from the likes of Fox Sports, NY Times, SI, Yahoo! Sports and WSJ. While NFL fantasy football is their largest draw, FD also offers games in every major sport including basketball, baseball and hockey. In the 2014-15 NFL season, FanDuel is smashing previous prize pool records with a $2,000,000 first place prize and $10,000,000 total prize pool in one Fantasy Football Championship weekend. With the launch of their iphone and android app, playing from any mobile device is a breeze. Playing on is legal in the US and Canada only. FD also offers a 100% money back guarantee on your first $5 or $10 game. So, you can try out their game offerings with no risk!

We hope this FanDuel review provides you with an introduction to the company behind the website, game offerings, technology, prize pools and support. While every site can improve, FanDuel is still the top destination for money league players. The increase in competition from DraftKings has pushed FanDuel to be more aggressive and wake up out of a recent slumber. One of the biggest challenges for FanDuel is that DraftKings has been launching a number of million dollar fantasy football contests including Millionaire Maker contests going on 4 weeks in a row. In response FanDuel has launched the single biggest NFL daily fantasy contest in the history of the industry with $10 million in prizes.

FanDuel Details


The idea is simple. You sign up for an account at During signup you can enter a promo code that gives you a deposit bonus of free money. Once signup is complete, you deposit money. Your deposit bonus is based on your total deposit amount, so the more you deposit, the higher the bonus. You select the type of contest you wish you to play in and draft your team. The majority of the fantasy contests last one day or one week. The FanDuel player in your contest with the most points at the end of the contest wins the prize money. FanDuel takes a 10% rake and the winner takes the rest of prize pool money.

Step 1 – Signup

Signup at FanDuel is super easy and I appreciate that they don't make you jump through hoops. The first signup screen simply asks for your name, email address, username, password and promo code field. FanDuel now offers a promo code that is highly competitive with other fantasy sites.

Step 2 – Deposit Funds

Depositing funds is quick and painless at You can make a deposit immediately on using Visa credit card or you can make a deposit through PayPal and pay with your PayPal balance, Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover or eCheck.

Deposit Methods

Step 3 – Select Contest
Types of Contest

There are freerolls or “free" contests and real money contests. There are also tournaments, head to head contest, contests that end in one day and contests that end weekly. You can select from professional football and college football. You can enter contests for as much money as you wish and play with anywhere from 1 person to thousands of people. You can also play in games with varying salary caps (Beginner, Standard, Expert). Fanduel has a ton of contests going on at all times.

Step 4 – Draft Team

Once you select the contest you wish to play in, you then draft your team. Your salary cap depends on the level of contest you enter. For professional football, you select the following positions:

Quarterback – 1 position, Running Back – 2 positions, Wide Receiver – 3 positions, Tight End – 1 position, Kicker – 1 position, Team Defense – 1 position.

You can change the players in your team up until game time starts, so stay up to date on your injury news.


Before drafting your team, become familiar with the rules and scoring. Fanduel may use a different scoring system than you're used to. Take a look at our How to Win at Daily Fantasy guide for helpful tips on drafting your team. Here are some important scoring rules for Fanduel to note:

  1. Negative points are not given to a quarterback for taking a sack.
  2. Receptions accumulate points at a rate of .5 pts per reception.
  3. No bonuses for 100+ yards rushing.
  4. No bonuses for 300+ yards throwing.
Step 5 – Winning

Payouts vary depending on the contest you select. For a salary cap, 10 person contest, the payout breakdown is as follows. If you score the most points in your contest, you win first place prize money. 2nd and 3rd place also receive a share of the winnings. In the $50 contest with 10 total entries that I review in the videos above, the prize money payout is as follows:

Total cash prize: $450

1st place – $225 or 50%
2nd place – $135 or 30%
3rd place – $90 or 20%

Check your contest payout schedule before playing. It can vary widely.

Step 6 – Withdrawal

Withdrawal on Fanduel is painless. It's a one screen process where you enter the amount you'd like to withdraw and your PayPal address. If you don't have a PayPal address, FanDuel will pay you via check and there is an additional step. You need to add the amount you'd like to withdraw to a ticket. However, FanDuel makes it easy. There is a link that automatically populates a ticket for you and all you have to do is enter the amount and the address where you'd like to receive your check.

Checks are mailed to people located in Canada and USA. If the amount is above $500 , FanDuel will request your SSN if you are located in the US. This is solely for tax purposes and Fanduel will issue a 1099 at the end of the year if winnings are in excess of $600.

Desktop Interface

FanDuel game interface supports virtually all machines including PC and Mac. There is a mobile application that is beta status. It seems to work pretty well at the time of this review. Overall, there are some nice aspects and a few elements that could be improved. The design, navigation and usability all rank well compared to the competition. Overall, the game interface and software functionality at FanDuel is solid.


The top navigation bar provides virtually of all the critical information you need to get started. The support page contains a FAQ, which is nice, but didn't answer the only question I had when I first started. I think a glossary would be helpful as I didn't know what a 50/50 game was. It means the top half of the entries are in the prize-pool and everyone wins the same amount. Overall, Fanduel does a nice job of helping you find the information you need easily.


Overall, the technology loads quickly and the usability features are easy to understand. I think the flow of information is intuitive and everything is pretty basic, which is the way game interfaces should be. You can easily sort the different columns of data and update the contests you'd like to see with easy to use checkbox filters.

The drafting screen is simple and maybe a bit too simple. It would be nice if FanDuel integrated data tools with updated stats and projections. Even something simple like Yahoo's data projections would be nice.

The technology is leagues ahead of some of the competition and on par with any other site online today.

Mobile Application

In our FanDuel review last year, one of our biggest gripes was that the biggest daily fantasy football site didn't have a mobile app! The thought was absurd. Well, they've addressed these concerns and launched a mobile iphone app. As with all daily fantasy mobile apps, it's not available on android due to Google policies.

My Contests

FanDuel does a nice job with the contest section. I like the fact that a history is kept of all your competitions and you can see up to date scoring of your players and others in your league. You also have easy access to player profiles and can see the other people's winnings for the year. I recently lost to a player who had won over $300,000 during their time on FanDuel. Maybe it's time to consider a new career?


Support is actually really great at FanDuel. This site differentiates itself from all other in the space when it comes to support. The Support tab is at the top of each page and features a page of FAQs. You can create a support ticket, call, email or live chat. Believe it or not, they actually are online with a live person.

FanDuel Partnerships

The world of fantasy sports has been around for more than three decades, but the overall concept has found a new niche that has exploded in popularity. Daily fantasy sports, led by FanDuel, has created new markets that even professional leagues haven't been able to ignore, leading to partnerships with individual teams and even the National Basketball Association (NBA.)

Since first opening for business in 2009, FanDuel, legal in 45 states, has amassed more than 1.1 million customers. That's two percent of the overall fantasy sports base, indicating that the market's barely been tapped. The company's popularity has caught the attention of venture capital firms that have invested a total of $88 million into the company.

An NBA Partnership

The biggest catch so far has been the four-year agreement FanDuel signed with the NBA, just months after the first individual agreement with one of the league's teams, the Orlando Magic. That status, which includes the league purchasing equity in FanDuel, means it's the only daily fantasy site featured on

Individual NBA Team Deals

Seven different NBA franchises have signed individual agreements: the Brooklyn Nets, Chicago Bulls, Cleveland Cavaliers, Dallas Mavericks, Los Angeles Lakers, New York Knicks and the aforementioned Magic.

The deal with Orlando made FanDuel the Magic's third-largest marketing partner, where they prominently serve as the floor apron sponsor. The contract is for one year (per NBA rules), but Orlando has options for the next two seasons, which could make the deal worth $6 million.

With Chicago, FanDuel receives signage at the United Center, along with a connection to a specific team statistic during each game that is posted on all Bulls' social media sites. In addition, the company sponsors a sweepstakes on the team website awarding winners Bulls merchandise.

Dallas might be the least surprising addition to the FanDuel team base, given the reputation of team owner Mark Cuban of venturing into new territories. Media exposure for the company is the main benefit, with a GM Fantasy Sweepstakes also in the mix. There, the winning fan will go behind the scenes with team general manager Donnie Nelson.

The Brooklyn agreement makes FanDuel an official team sponsor, and as part of the agreement, the company will purchase tickets to be given to qualifying local community organizations. In exchange, they will receive prominent exposure through arena signage, as well as additional mentions on television and radio broadcasts.

While the Lakers are currently situated near the bottom of the NAB, they still reside in the Los Angeles market. That helps the official sponsorship that FanDuel has purchased reach more people in this vast market.

Cleveland's deal is the most recent, and follows in the footsteps of the other agreements, allowing for online mentions on the Cavaliers' website, as well as signage inside of Quicken Loans Arena. A social media component will offer a sweepstakes where fans can win merchandise.

Perhaps the quietest partnership is with the Knicks, with little in the way of information offered by either side. However, given the current state of the team, that may be best for both sides.

Football Dips a Toe in the Water

In the National Football League, the Washington Redskins are currently the lone team to have a partnership with FanDuel. Despite the different sport, the agreement afford the company signage at FedEx Field during Redskin games, and also prominent mentions on social and digital media.

More NFL teams will follow in the Redskins' footsteps, since Commissioner Roger Goodell is looking to more than double revenue in the next decade. One key component could be daily fantasy sports.

The Marketing Machine

What all of these deals do for FanDuel in 2015 is create greater awareness, which should inevitably lead to more players being added every day. As already noted, the total market of regular fantasy players hasn't been reached, with other previously neglected segments also ripe for picking.

A Key Demographic

Chief among them is the female demographic, which FanDuel is avidly going after, since many women could be more willing to invest brief periods of time with it in lieu of a season-long commitment.

Another year of rapid success could lay the groundwork for FanDuel to go public in 2016. Success like that hasn't gone unnoticed by the market, which continues to expand, making this a business that won't fade any time soon.


Review by Nick C
A little discouraged about the promo where they match your deposit up to 200$…. They forget to tell u that it will remain in a pending bonus, and only release 4% of what u auctually play from your money…. At that rate u will need to spend $625.00 to receive your full $25.00 bonus, total BS

Review by Ben
Just lost my StarStreet account with the DK merger and am not a fan of DK. Too many people in the contests and not a fan of their salaries. I was also a fan of DraftStreet, but now it's just Fanduel and Draftkings. I'll take FD and try to find another game to replace my favorite pick five. FD so far is a nice site. I'm just not a fan of the consolidation in the industry right now. We need more choices. Not sure why this site only features 5 sites when there are 15.

Review by Jason Mullins
I have enjoyed using FanDuel. I started using DraftKings when I began playing weekly fantasy and FanDuel is very similar. The only knock I have against FanDuel as it compares to DraftKings is that I prefer the darker interface of DraftKings to the lighter screen on FanDuel. That is simply nitpicking, though.

Review by Derek
I'm a newb and picked Fanduel, because they have the highest bonus match. So far, it's been good. Thanks for the code!

Review by Sam
FanDuel is personally my favorite league. They seem to have the largest number of players, highest free bonus deposit match and the site is easy to use.