Taking down massive GPP tournaments like these can be a challenging feat that requires knowledge of both the players you are drafting and the opponents you are playing against. Beating a field with hundreds, of thousands, of entrants can be a daunting task, but correctly drafting players with low ownership percentages, that are also in good spots to produce, is a recipe for success. Below, we'll be highlighting our GPP-specific projections to provide you with players at each position who can produce and also be below 20% owned, preferably lower.

Andrew Luck - Colts

Luck, much like most of the Colts, struggled badly Week 1. He didn't turn in a terrible fantasy line, but certainly less than expected from one of the league's top overall quarterbacks. We'll attribute a lot of that to a great Buffalo defense led by Rex Ryan and turn our sights towards Week 2. Luck takes on a Jets team that was decent against the pass last season, but finished just 22nd in effectiveness allowed to quarterbacks and looked pretty good in the season's opening game also. The Colts still come in with a 27 team total and will likely be refocused for Week 2. Luck is simply too good to put up clunkers in back-to-back weeks.

Aaron Rodgers - Packers

Cheap quarterbacks are all the...

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I love OBJ this week. I think he has a huge bounce back game. Also love Cooks on DK where you get the full point per reception. Bennett is another top play of mine. Great job Scott.
If Green doesn't drop that ball last week, he was in for a solid game. I'm going back to him once again this week also.
I love Martellus Bennett, and have a lot of Jeremy Hill shares already.
Aj Green is so talented but he just seems to have minor hiccups every season. He should have the advantage against Brandon flowers.
Totally agree on Luck, think he's in for a big bounce back game and I usually don't pay up for him