NBA Daily Fantasy Basketball Lineup Advice 12/28/16

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7 years ago

Didn't get involved in last night's short slate...hoping to capitalize tonight in cash games.. Thoughts on pre-lineup setting before injury news?










7 years ago

@torch when you make your post your lineups I need the players full name, position and salary.

7 years ago

I'm no expert but I think you have way to May Blazers for cash or a gpp for that matter

7 years ago

@nygiants in cash games I agree you should never stack a team like that in cash games. However in GPPs I don't mind team stacking high scoring teams

7 years ago

Apologies..Hope this is better. Thoughts and adviceeee

DK Cash:

7 years ago

@torch not a huge fan of either of those lineups for cash. I like some pieces but you have way too many inconsistent players for my liking. I would go for a balanced approach on both lineups and us McCollum as your starting point. Also make sure you read the cheat sheets for players that are on our radar. The cheat sheets don't include everyone we like but they give you a great starting point to look at. Also see the comment I made earlier on your second lineup.

7 years ago

Pg - Wall- 9500

Sg- Meeks 3900

Sf Gilchrist- 4800

PF- T Young 5800

C- KAT - 8700

G. Beal. 5400

F. John luerer. 5000

Util- Rondo 5900

Dk gpp

7 years ago

I'm in 15 fan duel 50/50's and I also entered in a giant tournament (147,058 players and $375,000 payout) Here's my lineup I'm using tonight. Let me know what you think and as always, I appreciate it!

PG: Elfrid Payton $6,300

PG: Derrick Rose $6,400

SG: CJ McCollum $7,400

SG: Jamal Crawford $5,000

SF: Otto Porter $5,800

SF: Aaron Gordon $4,300

PF: Jabari Parker $6,800

PF: Lamarcus Aldridge $7,000

C: Demarcus Cousins $11,000

If you don't like that lineup, what do you think about me moving Lamarcus Aldridge down to Nikola Mirotic ($4,500) and then upgrading Porter and Gordon to Danillo Gallinari ($6,300) and Andrew Wiggins ($6,300)

7 years ago

@zachgotmoxy Thanks for the info, I am kinda embarrassed to say this but I bought the other sub you guys have w/ optimizer and it doesn't have the cheat sheets haha.

7 years ago


Pg- J. Teague 7200

Sg- Mccolum 7600

Sg- A Wiggins 6500

PF- Markief Morris 5100

C- Drummond- 7100

G- Rivers. 4900

F - Gilchrist -4800

Util - B Lopez -6800

Also dk gpp

7 years ago

@jasksing I don't hate that lineup for GPPs but here are a couple moves to think about. Switch Payton down to a cheaper point guard to upgrade Aaron Gordon, drop Parker down to a value PF like Mirotic or even Jon Leuer or finally drop Cousins down to Howard and upgrade all your questionable players ie Payton and Gordon

@nygiants I can't complain about that lineup at all. I do like Howard better than KAT however and making that switch would allow you to upgrade Rondo who I am not crazy about

7 years ago

Alrighty, last one. Thanks for the insight

Ricky Rubio $5,800

Derrick Rose $6,400

Jamal Crawford $5,000

CJ McCollum $7,400

Paul George $7,600

Kevin Durant $10,000

Nikola Mirotic $4,500

Trevor Booker $5,300

C: Dwight Howard $8,000

7 years ago

@jask not a huge booker fan would rather have Leuer at that spot. That also should give you enough salary to up PG13 to Butler or Leonard. I'd you want to keep Booker I also would look at pairing those two sf together over Durant/pg

7 years ago

DK CASH... Hope this is better haha.

7 years ago

@nygiants in your second lineup I am not a huge fan of Lopez tonight at his prices

@torch that lineup is better but in cash games I am not a fan of Curry who is a very inconsistent stud. I also like about 12 plus players better than him in that price range. I also am not a fan of MKG as he can put up duds at any given moment in cash games. I don't mine Teague tonight but think he is better suited for GPP

7 years ago
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