PGA Lineup Advice: The Masters (Augusta National)

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gpp dk HELP!!

GR. Fowler$10,900swap out
GD. Johnson$10,200swap out
GM. Kuchar$7,800swap out
GK. Na$6,900swap out
GW. Simpson$6,700swap out
GL. Westwood$7,300swap out
5 years ago


PHR: 432

GP. Casey$7,700swap out
GS. Garcia$8,400swap out
GB. Haas$7,500swap out
GS. Kaufman$6,000swap out
GJ. Spieth$12,300swap out
GD. Willett$8,000swap out
5 years ago

Hey StanMarsh,

I like the second lineup significantly better...

Roster construction for big GPPs like the Milly Maker dictate that to be unique you either have to A.) leave money on the table, or B.) come up with Stars/Scrubs lineups that take a lot of chances. Kaufman is one of the guys I feel best about in the bottom tier, and despite his lack of course history he has the type of consistency hitting greens that fares well with respect to making cuts.

Kucher, Na, Casey and Zach Johnson will likely be the most popular value plays, and with good reason. They all have solid results (and a win for ZJ), but it will be very difficult to win with those guys in your lineup without taking at least one deep shot. Webb should be very low owned, Westwood could go either way, but I dont think you have enough fire power in the first lineup. It is a good looking cash lineup, but I think you need to be a little more creative this week if your risk/reward profile is winning vs not cashing.

Willett is a guy I will have heavy exposure to this week, in fact he's one of my favorite PP$ plays. Will he win? Probably not, but he's providing salary relief, a high percentage of cuts made, and he has top 5 potential.

Spieth is my favorite, the fact that he's not the highest salary is surprising. I also like Haas who's played well here.

Good luck!


5 years ago

SundayTzu thanks for the nice response to my lineups GOOD LUCK!!

5 years ago

SundayTzu, I have a gpp lineup and $7400 left. Who would your top 3 golfers be at this price range? At this point, I like the rest of my lineup, so I don't care if the last guy is contrarian or chalk.


5 years ago

SundayTzu your were right my 2nd lineup is only 44 points behind going into the final round!!!!!

5 years ago
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