NFL Lineup Optimizer Release

Take your daily fantasy game to the next level.
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Our beloved Colossus version 1 has been laid to rest. We've taken the learnings from the last year and created what we believe to the be the baddest, most advanced lineup optimizer in daily fantasy sports. I think you'll agree once you start building lineups. Build lineups with multiple stacks, save settings, swap players, adjust exposure, upload custom projection and more for FanDuel, DraftKings & Yahoo. Big kudos goes out to our entire DFC team for their countless hours of thought and work.

Each tab on the optimizer has a separate demo video, so make sure to watch each video. The Players tab covers the Settings and Advanced Options and is a good place to start. Next, see the Projections tab and work your way through the rest.

There will inevitably be bugs and fixes required. We are looking for feedback and suggestions. Please post them here and we'll start working.

Click to Start Building Lineups: NFL Lineup Optimizer

Players Tab Demo

Projections Tab Demo

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Research Tab Demo

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Generated Lineups Tab Demo

Saved Lineups Tab Demo

Injuries Tab Demo

7 years ago

The stack Generator not working says player isnt on slate with every player

7 years ago

Just tested and Stack Generator is working. This means you are trying to include a Saved Stack of players into a Slate that doesn't include those players. Check the games and the players and only include stacks of players in the slate.

7 years ago

still not working Thursday slate CAM NEWTON is on the Excluded won't let me pick him it says this player isn't on slate

7 years ago

I see what you're referencing now. We will remove slate shortly, I'll follow up when it's complete.

7 years ago
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